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8 Yummies To Enjoy With Bae At The Romantic Beach-Themed Duty Free - Vayu Bar In GGN



We had already heard so much about this newbie in town, Duty Free - Vayu Bar, that we couldn’t help but rush over with our curious eyes and hungry tummies. We tried some tastefully twisted dishes and delightfully delicious cocktails at this happening joint. 

Here’s a recap of everything we had here - read on and then head over to try ‘em all out for yourselves!

1. Public Holiday

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A truly refreshing whisky cocktail with cardamom and egg whites served in a little bird’s nest with a couple of cute miniature birds and adorably painted miniature eggs, this bright yellow drink will defo take care of all your blues in a jiffy! 

Price | Rs 345

2. Billionaire

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These guys have some rad drinks that you absolutely need to try. From their kickass presentation to the perfect blends, you’ll love their concoctions! This whisky cocktail came with caramel popcorn on the side and was such a delight that we slurped up every last delicious sip!

Price | Rs 345

3. Palak Patta Chaat

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Next, we tried the prettiest Palak Patta Chaat ever. Decorated beautifully with some super cute edible flowers and leaves, this dish looked too beautiful to eat. Torn between adoring and tasting it, we finally gave in after staring at it in awe for quite some time. The crunchy spinach leaves dressed with a variety of chutneys were every bit as good as they looked!

Price | Rs 89 

4. Bokchoy Mushroom Gyoza & Kolkata Style Chicken Dim Sums

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Their unique variety of colourful dim sums is exactly the kind of delectable comfort food you need alongside their fetching cocktails. We tried their Bokchoy Mushroom Gyoza and Kolkata Style Chicken Dim Sums and just fell in love! These translucent beauties were stuffed with melt-in-your-mouth mushrooms and tangy chicken fillings that we gobbled up whole instantly!

Price | Rs 245 (Bokchoy Mushroom Gyoza) & Rs 265 (Kolkata Style Chicken Dim Sums)

5. Vol Au Voun

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Gorgeous little puff pastries stuffed with succulent chicken, this dish turned out to be another winner. With cute edible leaves and vibrant fuchsia petals sprinkled on top of each of these petite delights, it wasn’t easy to stop admiring them and start devouring them, but once we did, we just couldn’t stop!

Price | Rs 219

6. Sharabi Chicken Tikka

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The chef came and lit this dish on fire before us and we were yet again wowed by the effort this outlet puts behind the presentation of each and every dish. Coming to the actual dish, this smokey sharabi appetizer is perfect for all you kukkad lovers. Well-cooked and very well-marinated, their chicken tikka was simply delicious!

Price | Rs 245

7. Dalcha Ghost Khao Suey

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Imagine a traditional Burmese khao suey, will all its lovely condiments, but with the biggest twist of all time. Theirs isn’t khao suey at all, it’s a lentil and mutton curry served with its own variety of accompaniments presented like the iconic Burmese delicacy. One bite and our taste buds embarked on a culinary journey so unique, we kept wishing we had space in our tummies to finish the whole thing! 

Price | Rs 399

8. Daulat Ki Chaat

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We finally decided to move on to desserts and the lovely edible leaves and flowers were back with a bang in this amazing version of the famous daulat ki chaat. A light and fluffy souffle prepared to perfection, this heavenly dessert is the ideal way to end a heavy meal! 

Price | Rs 225

This new place is a breath of fresh air in the popular Sector 29 area with its unique beach-themed rooftop with flowing white romantic curtains, its extremely creative and well-presented dishes and its gracious staff. We strongly recommend you head over for an amazing experience!

Where | Duty Free - Vayu Bar - SCO 32, Sector 29, Gurgaon
Call Them | +91 9810 639 962
Timings |
12 Noon - 1 AM
Check Out Their FB Page |