We all have that one corner in our room that is filled with books which beg to be read by someone, at least once in a while! There are also times where we wanna buy new books but their jaw dropping prices make us forget all about them *sad sigh*. So for all these situations, we have listed out 7 amazing websites that let you buy, sell or rent books online, check ‘em out! 

1. BookChor 

These guys are the Robin Hoods of the world of books! This website sells books starting at Rs 81 ONLY. Not only this, they are selling the insanely famous Fifty Shades of Grey series for Rs 298 only *jaw drops*. All you need to do is open the website RN to get books at the cheapest prices! 

Buy/Rent/Sell Books Online Here | https://www.bookchor.com
Here’s Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/bookchor/ 

2. BookThela

By selling old books at throwaway prices, this website is defo a saviour for all bibliophiles! You can order books ranging from competitive exam guides to fiction novels and non-fiction ones as well here *happy dancing*. They’re selling books starting at Rs 89 ONLY!! The best part about them is that these guys update their collection every freaking week. So, spend your pocket money here and trust us, you won’t regret it.

Buy/Rent/Sell Books Online Here | https://www.bookthela.com
Here’s Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/bookthela/

3. Barterli

Every book deserves a second read and this website abides by this motto! It's one of the most popular online portals where people can exchange, buy and sell books, starting at a mere price of Rs 100. All you gotta do is snap a photo and you can then sell your secondhand clutter easily in a jiffy with free listings *NAICE*. 

Buy/Rent/Sell Books Online Here | https://barterli.com/books
Here’s Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/barterliapp/
Download The App For iOS Here | https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1205390445
Download The App For Android Here | https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=book.barterli

4. PustakKosh 

This is one of the first textbook rental companies that majorly sells books to graduate and undergraduate students. If you’re pursuing Pharma, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Medicine or any other stream, then you can get books for rent here and save upto 70% *WOAH*! So, save up on some cash and order up your books from here.

Buy/Rent/Sell Books Online Here | http://www.pustakkosh.com/categories/used_second_hand_books.php

5. Your Bookstall

 Apart from selling new books at the best prices, these guys allow their users to sell old books as well *YAY*! We’d say go on their website and treat yourself with some amazing books to satisfy your craving for a nice read as the collection starts at as low as 150 bucks here! They have a RAD category of books ranging from crime & thriller, history, humor, life management to comics and LOADS more!

Buy/Rent/Sell Books Online Here | https://www.yourbookstall.com/sell-old-books-online.aspx
Here’s Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/yourbookstall/

6. SellBuyBook

Picture Credits: Joe Shlabotnik

You can sell your old books that you haven’t read in years or buy second hand books at this website, starting at Rs 70 only *SAY WHAAT*! You can get yourself great deals here and also save some money to get new books *YAY*! So, log in and get the books that you have been wanting to buy for a long time here without spoiling your whole budget. These guys have coursebooks for Engineering, IIT-JEE, grammar books for kids, novels by Sidney Sheldon, Nicholas Sparks and more famous authors! Also, if you’re a George R R Martin fan, then the entire GOT series is sold here at Rs 1,500 only! 

Buy/Rent/Sell Books Online Here | https://sellbuybook.in/index.php
Here’s Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/sellbuybook.in/

8. BuyUsedBooks

You can get an easy access to second hand, hard-to-find and even out-of-print books at this superb website! They have books ranging from fiction, business & finance, arts, economics and LOADS more starting at just Rs 10 *wide eyed*! So, drop everything and check out this website NOW!  

Buy/Rent/Sell Books Online Here | http://www.buyusedbooks.in 

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So, browse through all these online portals right away and start hoarding!