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6 Relatable Things Every Non-Vegetarian In Delhi Says To Vegetarians!



Disclaimer: Bearing in mind the current restrictions in the city and the world at large, we're tweaking our content policy and recommendations to focus more on staying indoors and exploring the digital world and all its wondrous offerings! Stay positive, keep hygiene levels up and don't fall prey to panic and misinformation.

It’s a fact universally known that we Dilliwalas take our love for food pretty damn seriously. We mean, if you have ever eaten the delectable kebabs in Old Delhi or hogged on the mouth-watering Mutton Korma at Gauri Shankar's Stall in Palika Bazar, then you’d agree when we say that this city is the Mecca for foodies. And since butter chicken is our forever love, we have picked out 6 things we’re sure every non-vegetarian in this town has at least said once to a fellow vegetarian!

1. “Tune Kabhi Galouti Kebab Nahi Khaaye? Chal Rajinder Da Dhaba ABHI!”

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There’s no way that you’ve lived in Delhi and haven’t treated your taste buds to the delicious and mouth-watering kebabs from Rajinder Da Dhaba in Safdarjung. But if, by some providence, you’ve still deprived yourself of their amazing offerings, then head here, park your cars outside the Safdarjung Enclave Market and order up their Special Mutton Galouti Kebab with garam garam roomali rotis and you’d know exactly why we love this place so much!

2. “Arey Paneer Samajh Ke Kha Ja!”

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We aren’t forcing any sort of eating habits on anyone but seriously guys, if you like paneer, you can easily eat chicken. It’s juicy, flavourful and delicious & definitely something you must try out. We mean, aren’t you guys tired of all the paneer intake yet? Surprise your systems once and try something different, you can thank us later!

3. “Vegetarian Hai? (Throwing Judgemental Looks) Ghaas-Phoos Order Kar Le!”

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Again, we’re no one to judge, but who the hell wastes money on ordering vegetarian food while they’re eating out? If you still haven’t noticed, the vegetarian menu is the same every-freaking-where - shahi paneer, matar paneer, kadhai paneer, dal makhani, some more paneer dishes and THE END. It’s high time you guys tried something else and tasted what variety feels like! 

4. “Meat Nahi Khaate? Protein Kahaan Se Milta Hai Phir?!”

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No, seriously! Where do you guys get your protein from? We get that pulses and veggies have a little protein but to make up for your body needs, what do you guys do? So, take a little inspiration from your non-vegetarian friends, try out some delicious Butter Chicken at Aslam Chicken and enrich your bodies with all the goodness of proteins!

5.  “Butter Chicken Ki Sirf Gravy Kha Le!"

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Yeah, because this makes it totally acceptable, right? Okay, we’re not hatin’ on vegetarians, you do you, folks! But then let us also eat our meal in peace? We can really do without some non-judgy eyes, you know! And guess what? We’ll even offer you some zesty gravy to make sure that you don’t miss out. And yes, it’s not compulsory, you can always say no, but hey, the offer is still open! 

6. “Veg Biryani?! Pulao Kehte Hai Usey!”

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Let’s clear this once and for all, there’s no such thing as veg biryani. It’s called pulao and don’t you dare insult our beloved biryani by making up such dishes in your heads, alright? Biryani is a holy dish for us foodies of the city and such a travesty is not acceptable. So, call your pulao by its own name and refrain from calling it veg biryani from now on!

Did we cover them all? Tell us what we missed in the comments section below!