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8 Crazy Stereotypical Statements That All Delhi Bengalis Are Truly Sick Of Hearing!

Ilona Dam 16 Oct 2018


A bespeckled bhodrolok, wearing a lungi and monkey tupi, eating a rasogolla and dancing on Ekla Cholo Re is precisely how we Bengalis are caricatured as in this city. Just tell any Delhi peep that you’re a Bong, and phrases like Nomoshkar, Ami Tomake Bhaalo Bashi, rasogolla and jol khaabe will come flying your way from nowhere and everywhere! Yeah, so you see, the struggle for us is very real. Therefore, we’ve compiled a succinct list of some ridiculous comments and stereotypes that we Bengalis are honestly sick of hearing. Come, take a look!

1. “Oh Wait, You Don’t Live In CR Park? Are You REALLY A Bengali?!”

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So, all you non-Bengali peeps, here’s some general knowledge that some of you clearly lack. So, let’s get this straight once and for all...Not EVERY Bengali in Delhi lives in CR Park! Yeah, yeah, we get it, it’s the mini-Kolkata of the city but then who told you that all the Bengalis just HAVE TO live huddled up at one place? Other localities and areas of Delhi haven’t been banned for us yet!

2. “You Bengalis Actually EAT Water? Like What’s Khaabe?” (Giggles)

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Uh, have you ever seen us chewing water like a ruminant would chew on ghaas-phus? No, right? Khaabe may translate to eat in English, but we certainly haven’t yet acquired or mastered the superhuman talent of munching water, it’s just the language. Damn, wish we had!

3. “Oh, Bengali?? You Must Only Eat Fish, Right?!”

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Uhm, again, not really married to fishes and rice, are we? We may like them, but we certainly can live without them. We all don’t just perish off maach-starvation! Don’t trust us? Well, dare a Bengali and you’ll see!

4. “Where’s Your Monkey Cap, Bong?!”  

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Picture Credits: TravelAndy

We Bengalis may be humorous, but we surely aren’t clowns. Not all of us wear monkey caps and rubber chappals in the winters, people. Kindly do us all a favour and just get over it. So, the next time you see a Bengali without a monkey cap (gasp, is that even possible?), don’t worry, you aren’t seeing an alien!

5. “Rasogulla Khaabe?” (Insert Creepy Grin)

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Okay, so here’s a fun fact and it might come as a shock to you all but well, we’re not really in a committed relationship with rasgullas. You non-Bengali folks anyway can never really pronounce it accurately (we wish you’d REALLY stop trying), but we’d have one, now that you insist. Squeeze that syrup, please. Thanks!

6. “Aren't Bengali Girls Supposed To Have Big, Beautiful Eyes And Silky Hair?”

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Uhm, okay. Not sure whether that was a genuine question or an insult, but guess what? We hardly care. God was way more creative than you expect in creating us, so we certainly don’t have a homogeneity of features! So here’s a shocker for you all - a Bengali girl with curly hair can exist! Nail that in your heads.

7. “Oh, So, You’re A Bengali! You Must Be A Dancer Or A Poet, Right?”

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Well yeah, we peeps are sorta amazing at everything (no doubt about that), but hey, not all of us are intellectuals, engrossed in literature, poets, painters, dancers or musicians. We’ve actually managed to rule almost every profession we’ve been in, so yeah, you might wanna widen your ambit a l’il bit. Thanks!

8. “Thi Nahi Tha! You Bongs And Your Grammar, OMG!”

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Picture Credits: Arttu Manninen

Yes, we don’t always get the intricacies of Hindi grammar correct but guess what? We don’t really effing care! And oh, by the way, just because we don't get our grammar right, it doesn’t really make us an Angrez, okay? Just so you know!

So yeah, we guess its time you put a stop to these silly remarks as honestly, it’s gettin’ on our nerves. Come up with some new and true ones and who knows, we might be flattered.