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8 Places Serving The Most Scrumptious, Cheese-Loaded Fries That You Gotta Try In Delhi


Fries define comfort food for so many of us, but you know what’s better than fries? CHEESY FRIES! They are like a god-sent combination of our two favourite things. We just can’t resist fries crisped to perfection, topped with delicious stringy cheese or better yet, cheesy sauce, which is why we went out and compiled a hand-picked list of the CHEESIEST fries found in Delhi!

1. BlackJack

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Picture Credits: foodpranksters

Serving as many as 6 varieties of fries, BlackJack uses their ‘secret recipe’ to achieve the perfect fries. Their Disco Fries are crinkle cut and slathered with their freshly made cheesy sauce. Served in a classic BlackJack jar, these sticks of perfection are a must-try!

Where | BlackJack - Shop No.1, Plot No. 23, Club Road North West Avenue, West Punjabi Bagh
Price | Rs 129
Timings | 12 Noon - 10 PM
Call Them | +91 11 4019 5309
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 2. Sardar-Ji-Bakhsh Coffee & Co.

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Picture Credits: bohobazaarfleamarket

Best known for their exquisite coffee and even more divine milkshakes, Sardar-Ji-Bakhsh has a mouth-watering collection of fries as well! Their Jalapeno Cheesy Fries are triple-fried to perfection and topped with jalapeno, mayo & loads of liquid cheese. So basically what we’re saying is that they’re perfection and BEG to be tried!

Where | Sardar-Ji-Bakhsh Coffee & Co. - Rajouri Garden, Punjabi Bagh, NSP & HKV
Price | Rs 162
Timings | 12 - 2 AM
Call Them | +91 11 4019 2880
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3. The Belgian Fries Co.

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Picture Credits: pulkittalks

This outlet serves golden & crispy fries in plain and crinkle cut variants. Their Keema N Cheese fries are the stuff of dreams and should definitely top your list of must-try fries. Moreover, you can create your own customized fries from their Loaded Fries range, which is awesome!

Where | The Belgian Fries Co. - Vasant Kunj,Noida, Pacific & Other Outlets
Price | Rs 129 Onwards
Timings | 11 - 1 AM
Call Them | +91 7042 493 937
Check Out Their FB page |

4. Big Fat Sandwich

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Best known for their impressive range of sandwiches, this outlet is now making headlines for their Big Fat Fries. Their Loaded Belgian Fries come topped with stringy mozzarella and are available in the jalapeno, spicy chicken and bacon bits variants. We’re scampering over for our platefulls, how ‘bout you?!

Where | Big Fat Sandwich - Ambience, Vasant Kunj & HKV
Price | Rs 220 Onwards
Timings | 9 AM - 11:30 PM
Call Them | +91 11 4912 2985
Check Out Their FB page |

5. Cafeteria & Co.

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Picture Credits: dillikabhukkad

Who isn’t a fan of this place? And our favourite cafeteria serves delicious Chicago Seasoned Fries which we can't get enough of. You can even choose your cheesy topping and our preference is the Arizona Cheese, which has a subtle hint of chilli that enhances the yummy cheese flavour, so come drop by for some cheesy indulgence!

Where | Cafeteria & CO. - Satya Niketan & Vijay Nagar
Price | Rs 299
Timings | 12 Noon - 11  PM
Call Them | +91 7042 868 704
Check Out Their FB Page |

6. Wat-a-Burger

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Picture Credits: khandanibhukkad

This place needs no introduction when it comes to burgers. But did you know that apart from mouth-watering burgers they also served crispy fries loaded with masala, capsicum, mayo and other sauces? They have quite a selection of fries from Chilli Chicken Fries to Veg Peri Peri Fries! Now doesn’t that sound delightful enough to run over already?

Where | Wat-a-Burger - Noida, GTB Nagar, GK I & Other Outlets
Price | Rs 129
Timings | 10:30 AM - 12 Midnight
Call Them | +91 9311 236 699
Check Out Their FB Page |

7. AMA Cafe

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Picture Credits: worthytale

The next place in this cheesy AF list is a little gem in Majnu Ka Tila. The cafe apart from having a great and affordable breakfast menu, they also have quite a variety of loaded fries. But they have our favourite Bacon Cheese Fries! But if you’re a vegetarian, you need not worry. As they’ve got you covered with their delicious Himalayan Hot Dalle Chilli Cheese Fries.

Where | AMA Cafe - House 6, New Colony, Majnu Ka Tilla
Price | Rs 195 
Timings | 8 AM - 10 PM
Call Them | +91 8448 994 259
Check Out Their FB Page |

8. Jack ‘n’ Chill

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For all you people who love dishes that are quirky AF, Jack ‘n’ Chill has just the menu for you! They’ve got such a large variety of fries that we can’t stop dancing! From Pizza Fries to Nachos Fries, they have it all. They even have something called Nutella Fries as well (say whaa)! Looks like this they have got us set for the dessert as well.

Where | Jack ‘n’ Chill -  GK 1, Anand Vihar & Vijay Nagar
Price |  Rs 210 Onwards
Timings |  12:30 PM - 11 AM
Call Them | +91 11 4700 0887
Check Out Their FB Page |

These iconic outlets are among the best when it comes to cheesy fries in Delhi, so go try ‘em all!