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8 Breathtaking Destinations You May Not Have Known Are Just Under 4 Hours Away


We Delhiites often crib that there aren’t any suitable destinations apart from a few hill stations towards the North end of the country, which can be perfect for a weekend getaway. But here we are to prove y’all wrong! So, armed with a bunch of historically significant small towns, we have drawn up a list of eight hand-picked destinations that you may not have known are just under 4 hours away from the city. Read on and start packing your weekender bags!

1. Pataudi 

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Picture Credits: Afreen Qureshi

Pataudi is just about 2 hours away from saadi Dilli, and it’s definitely a great choice for a weekend away from home. You can explore the magnificent Pataudi Palace, which is the home of the 10th Nawab AKA our fave Saif Ali Khan. Built in the early 1900s, this beautiful palace, a relic of the erstwhile imperial India, is worth checking out!

Distance From Delhi | 58 Kms
Travel Time | 1 Hour 45 Mins (Approx.)

2. Nuh

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Picture Credits: omarzeid

This is a small district in Haryana that has a number of local attractions worth checking out! Barely an hour and a half hour away, you must visit Chui Mai Pond, Nalhar Mahadev Temple, Anglo Sikh War Memorial, Tomb of Sheikh Musa and LOADS of other landmarks that you never even knew existed. While you’re here, do check out Kotla Village, which is famous for The Kotla Fort and the Tomb of Raja Nahar Khan. Oh and don’t forget to click a gazillion pictures when you land up here!

Distance From Delhi | 69 Kms 
Travel Time | 1 Hour 45 Mins (Approx.)

3. Kuchesar

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Picture Credits: mudfortkuchesar

Kuchesar is a small town located in Uttar Pradesh. Located in the Bulandshahr District, this one’s a quiet town that’s an ideal option for you if you’re looking to escape the din of the city. The Mud Fort here is the biggest attraction, and this sprawling fort offers a comfortable stay with all the modern amenities that we’ve come to depend upon. Carry your fave novel, as the poolside and garden area are the perfect nooks for reading! Happy weekending!

Distance From Delhi | 93 Kms
Travel Time | 1 Hour 55 Mins (Approx.)

4. Neemrana 

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Picture Credits: mypixeldiary_official

Neemrana falls in the Alwar District of Rajasthan and needs no introductions to us Delhizens when it comes to road trips! Apart from spending time exploring the glorious fort, you can also dine-in and spend the night as a royal over here. While you’re here, do click TONS of pictures and take a dip in the pool when the weather is perfect. Make sure to visit Bala Qila and Baori and have a blast!

Distance From Delhi | 115 Kms
Travel Time | 2 Hours 21 Mins (Approx.)

5. Aligarh

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Picture Credits: Noor Fatima

Aligarh is a small town with buzzing lanes and friendly smiles. The city which is known for its prestigious Aligarh Muslim University also has other charming architectural gems worth exploring. For instance, this town has its own pearl-white Jama Masjid and the grand Aligarh Fort that draws locals and tourists alike. While you’re here, do stuff your faces with aloo ke barule and hare matar ki ghugani, which are supposed to be local specialities! 

Distance From Delhi | 145 Kms
Travel Time | 3 Hours 11 Mins (Approx.)

6. Alwar

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Picture Credits: iamsuhailrana

Located in Rajasthan, this little town is a popular tourist attraction because of its rich history. The famous Bala Quila built way back in the 1500s offers a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding area, as it’s perched on a hilltop. Other famous attractions here include Siliserh Lake, Moonsi Maharani Ki Chhatri and Alwar City Palace that should defo be on your to-visit list. Gather the gang and make your plans, peeps!

Distance From Delhi | 155 Kms
Travel Time | 3 Hours 20 Mins (Approx.)

7. Mathura

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Picture Credits: raj_sarvan_

Mathura is one of the most popular attractions on all the spiritual maps of the country. It is said to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna, according to the Hindu mythology, and there are numerous temples scattered around the city that are architectural marvels. The Dwarkadhish Temple and Shree Krishna Janmasthan Temple are some of the largest ones in this buzzing small town and there is even a serene pond that’s absolutely picture-perfect. Do bring back TONS of Mathura ke pede, ‘cause nothing beats this popular desi treat!

Distance From Delhi | 148 Kms
Travel Time | 3 Hours 48 Mins (Approx.)

8. Agra 

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Picture Credits: discoverindia.davidriley

Agra is one of the most famous tourist hotspots for the people living in Delhi and indeed, all over the world. One of the most famous attractions of the city includes the well-known monument, the Taj Mahal, which is also one of the 7 wonders of the world. But that’s not all there is to discover in Agra. You must also check out the magnificent Fatehpur Sikri walled city that’s a short drive away and devour all the lip-smacking local dishes that will leave your tummy happily full. Isn’t this the perf mini-vacay option?!

Distance From Delhi | 216 Kms
Travel Time | 3 Hours 58 Mins (Approx)

There you go, folks! Gear up for the road trip of your dreams!