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7 Things Like 'Do You Do It To Impress Guys?' Every Delhi Girl Who Loves Makeup Is Tired Of Hearing



Disclaimer: Bearing in mind the current restrictions in the city and the world at large, we're tweaking our content policy and recommendations to focus more on staying indoors and exploring the digital world and all its wondrous offerings! Stay positive, keep hygiene levels up and don't fall prey to panic and misinformation.

To put on MAC Ruby Woo or HUDA Beauty Liquid Matte - that, my dear, is the real quandary! We mean could there be a better feeling in the world than having your eyeliner on fleek, contour on point and lip colour intact? We think not. And if you agree with us here, then join the gang girlie, for no one understands you better than us!

What we also relate to are the looks and snide comments that are passed your way every time you step into a metro or enter the office or any family function for that matter. So, here are just a few things we’re sure every girl in town who loves makeup has heard at least once, read on! 

1. “Do You ALWAYS Wear Makeup?”

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“Do you always wear makeup?”, “Are you always THIS decked up?”, “Do you wear makeup every day?” and on and on they go and here’s the answer folks - YES! We take care of ourselves and like making ourselves look pretty. If your petty minds think that makes us shallow, then, it’s not really our problem, now is it? So, take our advice and stop asking these questions to every girl you meet, it’s annoying AF!  

2. “How Do You Put On So Much Makeup In The Morning?”

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It ain’t rocket science really, people who love makeup take out time in the morning to put it on - why is it so difficult to comprehend? Instead of showering them with these oh-so-irritating queries, you guys can actually take a few tips regarding time management and perfecting the art of winged liner while stuck in the traffic on your way to the office in Gurgaon or in the metro from them! 

3. “You Must Burn Majority Of Your Salary Buying Makeup!”

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Um, let’s start by saying - none of your business! We work ourselves to death and if we wish to spend that money on Sephora’s new collection or some more lipsticks from MAC, then you have no right to poke your noses into it. On the other hand, if you want to know where you can get cheaper lip shades in GK Market, we’d be more than happy to help! 

4. “How Do You Will Yourself To Wear Makeup In Delhi’s Weather?”

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Okay, we get this one! Delhi’s humidity, pollution, heat - the list is endless and urging yourself to put on eyeshadow or blush when you know it’ll be veiled under a fine sheen of dust as soon as we step out, is quite a task but we sail alright. A good cleanser, foundation, makeup remover and proper skin care routine come to our aid, so yeah, despite the weather and pollution, we’re good and hey, there’s nothing some Creamy Concealer from Bobbi Brown can’t hide, right?

5. “Why Don’t You Go Natural & Avoid Makeup For A Day?”

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We don’t put on makeup because we have something to hide or to get attention, we do it for our own selves. Period. Going natural or putting on makeup is a personal choice and you must learn to respect that in everyone. No one should go around labelling people on how they choose to present themselves, it’s (we repeat) none of our business!

6. “Do You Wear All This Makeup To Impress Guys?”

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Contrary to popular belief, a girl’s life doesn’t revolve around a guy and if people can get this fact through their thick skulls then here’s the answer to your question - no, girls don’t dress up or look pretty for boys! You really think a guy from Delhi would be able to tell the difference between a kajal, eyeliner or highlighter? No, we really don’t think so! 

7. “Beta, Don’t Wear Such Dark Lipsticks To Work. It Doesn’t Look Nice!”

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Well, we beg to differ! The dark hues of red, orange and pink make us feel bright & nice and we really don’t care if aap ko ye achcha lagta hai ya nahi! Our lipsticks aren’t a proof of our characters or mean anything other than the fact that they look great on us. So, keep your advice and suggestions to yourself and let us live happily with our colours! 

So, these were a few things that we’re sure you ladies are tired of hearing if you love your makeup. Did we miss out on anything? Do tell us in the comments section below!