For all ya North Dilliwalo who’ve been craving for a yummy plate for crispy, hot waffles, we just found a new haunt for y’all - our beloved NSP! This place has tons of eateries where you can satiate your foodie soul and we handpicked 7 places that you need to check out for their scrumptious waffles, scroll on. 

1. Waffles Delight

Waffles Delight is a cutesy place in Aggarwal Millenium Tower, where you can satisfy all our waffle cravings as these guys have plenty of options to choose from like Cookies & Cream, Paan, Brownie Batter and the Choco Pie Waffles! These guys also have waffle tacos on their menu that you should totes check out!

Price | Rs 110 Onwards
Where | G 25, Aggarwal Millenium Tower
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2. Cheese & Chocolate

Since we’re always on the lookout for some pocket-friendly places that serve ah-mazing waffles, we landed up at Cheese & Chocolate! These peeps are givin’ away yummy waffles starting at Rs 49 only *say whaaaa*! Try their Nutella Blast or the Blueberry or the Banana Waffle - they’re all amazing. 

Price | Rs 49 Onwards
Where | G-47 Aggarwal Cyber Plaza
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3. Waffle Square

If waffles are the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about desserts, then Waffle Square is where you need to be! They’ve got a RAD variety of waffles on their menu including flavours like Caramel Crunch, Mangolicious, Very Very Blueberry, Oreo Madness, Kitkat Krunch, Peanut Butter and Oh My God Nutella *WOW*!

Price | Rs 99 Onwards
Where | G 53, Aggarwal Metro Heights
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4. Raabta

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Catering to two completely poles apart cuisines, Italian and desi street food, the food at Raabta - Soulful Delicacies is actually food for the soul! From cold salads to mexican style nachos, they have a menu full of delectable dishes to choose from. But what we loved the most was their mouth-watering waffles *yum, yum*. Don’t forget to try out their Nutella Brownie Waffle, it's delicious! 

Price | Rs 109 Onwards
Where | G-35, Aggarwal Cyber Plaza -1
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5. The Belgian Waffle Co. 

What’s better than a waffle? A waff wich, that’s what! The lovelies at The Belgian Waffle Co. has 15 kinds of waff wiches *WOAH*. Head over here and indulge in the crispiest waffles ‘cause they let you build your own waffles as well *YASS*. Don’t forget to try out their Cotton Candy Waff Wich, it's a must try!  

Price | Rs 150 Onwards
Where | G-41, Aggarwal Cyber Plaza I
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6. Shake Eat Up

This one is a personal fave! Shake Eat Up has a superb menu including shakes, rolls, momos, pastas, sandwiches and the oh-so-loved Maggi at pocket-friendly prices. But what actually sets them apart from other such cafes is their monstrous freakshakes and the yummy waffles! Once here, do sample their Bomb Waffle, it’ll defo blow your mind away!

Price | Rs 99 Onwards
Where | G-24,
P P Tower, Near Burger King
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7. Bistro 57

Picture Credits: Manav Chugh

After being a roaring success in Kamla Nagar, Bistro 57 is now open in NSP and we’re happy dancing! These guys are quite popular for their milkshakes but their waffles will definitely make you fall in love with them all over again. Try out their Caramel Waffle or the Blueberry Waffle for a perfect sugar rush!  

Price | Rs 90 Onwards
Where | G-9, P.P. Towers, Netaji Subhash Place
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So, whatcha waiting for guys, it’s raining waffles in NSP, go try them all!