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7 Spot-On Reasons Proving That The Sugar-Loaded Dessertarian Fest CANNOT Be Missed!

So Delhi 28 Nov 2018


Hola Delhiites! Looks like the winter season this time is gonna bring tons of happiness for us Delhiites ‘cause The Dessertarian Fest is back with a bang and we’re already in dire need of a sugar rush! The fest this time will not just have tons of desserts to gobble up but will also have truckloads of other things to check out too. Wanna know what they are? Keep reading to know all the deets!

1. An INSANE Variety Of 300+ Desserts (WOAH)

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Since the fest is devoted to desserts, this one will defo be a paradise for all you sugar heads ‘cause they’ve got churros, waffles, pancakes, muffins, macarons, ice creams, cakes and what not. Just head over and dive in!

2. A RAD Artist Line-Up

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And if you thought that you’ll spend all your time just stuffing your faces (which, don’t get us wrong, we’re super excited about), then let us tell you that these guys have called in a number of cool and hip bands to perform live for y’all! From the talented Ragini Tandan who gave us the super hit song ‘Lamberghini’ to the uber cool and Akhil Sachdeva and SO many more, these artists will make your weekend LIT!

3. Super Pretty & Quirky Decor

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This Image Is From Their Previous Edition

Since the peeps at Select CITYWALK are always up for surprising us, we’re sure that just like the previous editions, this time around, too, they’ll have super pretty and quirky decor to make our hogging experience Insta-worthy!

4. Truckloads Of Deals & Offers 

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Talking about surprises, these lovelies will also be giving away exciting, fun and crazy deals on all sorts of yummy desserts. All you’ve gotta do is spin the wheel or try your luck at the lucky draw and stand a chance to meet the artists or take home FREE desserts! Nice!

5. Selfie Zones Aplenty To Get Clicked At

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Picture Credits: ttsgroup

And if you’re selfie lover (we’re sure you are), then you’ll be glad to know that there will also be fun and interesting selfie booths installed for you to click selfies at. So, drag your gang here and get those Insta-perfect pictures you’ve always wanted!

6. Yummy Things To Try APART From Desserts

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Just when you thought that the fest will only be about desserts, then let us tell you that these guys will also be serving mouth-watering savoury dishes for when you need a break from all the dessert hogging. From Irtaza’s scrummy biryani, Delhi Food Corner’s Tornado Potato to TONIQ’s Fries and so much more, the fest has you covered!

7. A Super Fun Wax Hand Activity

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Picture Credits: modernluxury

There’s more guys! When you land up here, you can also get your hands waxed with your kids  or your buddies and treasure that memory forever. How cool is that? We’re super excited to try it with our SO, what about you? 

Now you don’t have just one but 7 awesomesauce reasons to be here, so bookmark and scamper over!

Where | The Dessertarian Fest - Select CITYWALK, Saket
When | Friday - Sunday, 30th November - 2nd December
Entry | Free
Time | 12 Noon Onwards
Call Them | +91 9910 986 969 & +91 8447 639 393
RSVP On FB Here |
Check Out Their FB Page |