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7 Natural Remedies That'll Make Your Skin & Hair The Envy Of The Town


Amongst other things, skincare and haircare have changed completely over the years. Our mothers and grandmothers solely relied on natural and kitchen ingredients for their skincare, the benefits of which still show. And if you talk about our generation, we spend a huge amount on a number of products which doesn’t even help. So, what do we do? Of course, we resort to these remedies that do wonders & that’s exactly what we’re gonna tell you guys today!

1. Ubtan For Tan Removal

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Picture Credits: youglowgirllllll

This recipe has a lot to offer, but one of the greatest benefits is that it removes tan when applied regularly. The recipe is quite simple, you need 3 spoons of besan, one tablespoon of mustard oil, half a tablespoon turmeric, malai, a tablespoon of honey and approx 3 tablespoons of milk. Mix the ingredients well till it becomes lump-free and apply it for a minimum of 20 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. 

2. Ghee For Chapped Lips

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Ghee contains fatty acids that will nourish and moisturize dry, chapped lips. You can either put on a thick layer of ghee and wash it off after 15 minutes or massage your lips with ghee before you go off to sleep and keep it overnight. Doing this regularly will give you soft and plump lips.

3. Malai For Dry Skin

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Picture Credits: rijamatia

Did you know that the Korean secret to naturally dewy skin is nothing but hydration? Yep, hydration is the key and if you have dry and patchy skin, apply an appropriate amount of malai before you go to sleep and keep it overnight. Once you do it on a daily basis, you’ll see the difference yourself that you’ll definitely thank us for!

4. Mustard Oil For Frizzy Hair

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You can splurge on hair masks and serums, but if there’s one thing that going to give you shiny hair, it’s mustard oil - this we can vouch for! Apply it nicely on the scalp and the roots at least an hour before you shampoo every week and wash off with your preferred shampoo.

5. Milk For Sunburn

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Sunburn is a result of excessive sun exposure that causes red and swollen skin. Using umbrellas or applying sunscreen every hour does help to an extent, but direct sunlight always does more harm than good. To treat sunburn, wash the affected skin with chilled milk twice a day until your skin goes back to normal.

6. Methi Seeds In Coconut Oil For Healthy Hair

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Picture Credits: veg_soups

Y’all must already be aware of the perks of using coconut oil on your skin and hair. But adding methi seeds to the oil and heating ‘em up for a few minutes before applying once a week will keep your manes bouncy, healthy and reduces breakage.

7. Boroline For Cracked Heels, Blemishes & More

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Picture Credits: spendoholic

Remember this antiseptic cream with a sweet fragrance that your grandmother loved?! Oh yes, this magical cream needs to be in your vanity that can be used to heal cracked heels, protect against rashes, smoothen chapped lips and to heal blemishes or wounds. You can find Boroline across departmental stores and pharmacies.

Now that we’ve told you about our grandma’s nuskhe AKA natural remedies that always works for us, how about you try some of these tips to treat these common problems and bring your best skin and hair forward.