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Bright Minds Check-In 7 Magical Institutes Across India To Recreate The Hogwarts Life Of Your Dreams


Who doesn’t remember their first encounter with the enchanting world of Harry Potter? While reading a worn-out copy of The Philosopher’s Stone, we would lose ourselves in the spellbinding realm of the Hogwarts castle. As the real world quietly took a step back, all of us Potterheads were transported to the Forbidden Forest at the edge of Hogwarts, with its ethereal landscape and awe-inspiring architecture. And let’s be honest? Who doesn’t want such a magical experience? Well, worry no more, fellow witches and wizards! We have compiled a list of seven academic institutions across India whose magnificent campuses will offer you an AMAZING Hogwarts-y experience! So grab your Sorting Hats and wipe the dust off your brooms - it’s time to fly to Hogwarts!


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Picture Credits: satishj101

The first stop on our magical journey is the beautiful city of Varanasi. Located near the banks of the River Ganga, the stunning campus of Banaras Hindu University is a mesmerising concoction of ancient Indo-Gothic buildings and sprawling greens. As one crosses the humongous gates of the university, sitting hunched on a battery rickshaw, there is a palpable change in the air around you. From the carnivalesque atmosphere of Varanasi, the university provides the contrary yet equally blissful warmth of solitude. The beautiful archaic library of Banaras Hindu University is astonishingly reminiscent of the Hogwarts library that’s full of shrieking books. The university exudes a rustic charm unparalleled anywhere else, and begs to be seen to be believed! 

2. IIM Indore

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Picture Credits: Ashutosh Kumar

IIMs, often characterised by their ruthless approach towards career building, often hide fascinating alien worlds from the outsider’s prying eyes. One such world exists within the walls of IIM Indore. Nestled comfortably away from the hullabaloo of the city, this IIM is a fascinating blend of wild terrains interspersed with modern architecture. Much like Hogwarts’s Quidditch Pitch, strolling through the solitary and curving roads of the campus, one is never truly alone. The continuous chirping of the crickets, the barking of distant dogs and the fresh sweet smell of the flowers, make it an unforgettable experience. Built upon a scenic hill, one can spend their time on the famous Sunset Point, drinking in the innumerable sights this magical world has to offer!               

3. IIT Guwahati

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Picture Credits: snehahaha__13

If one were to hop aboard a train and travel to the luscious campus of IIT Guwahati, the experience would not be much different from Harry’s journey on the Hogwarts Express. Before one enters the college, it is the enchanting beauty of Guwahati which leaves your eyes widened in wonder. The lush green hills and the crystal blue sky leave you oh-so-delightfully enraptured. And guess what? The campus itself does not disappoint. The sunlight glistening off the tranquil waters of the lakes (yes they have LAKES!), the astounding view atop a hill and the ever-alive charm of the Student Activity Centre, make IIT Guwahati a beautiful place to explore, indeed! 

4. Fergusson College, Pune

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The campus of Fergusson College has the most appealing fall aesthetic you could lay your eyes on! Located in Pune (the city known as the Oxford of the East), the students usually spend their lazy summer days relaxing in the open-air theatre Kimsys. The library at Fergusson is absolutely magnificent and here’s a brilliant catch - it also hides a restricted section (gasps)! So all the magical bookworms (we’re looking at you, Hermione stans), this is the place to go for an awesome witchcraft vibe! 

5. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai 

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Picture Credits: khyatibohra

Is it any surprise that the city of dreams also has a school of magic? Walking on wooden floors through the ancient corridors of St Xavier’s, surrounded by beautiful arched ceilings, this campus will make you feel as if you’re on your way to a Charms class! The eerie gargoyles, the winding staircase (much like those in Harry Potter) and the stained glass panes will definitely satiate your appetite for the magical and the spectacular!

6. Khalsa College, Amritsar

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The imposing architecture of this college is bound to leave you in awe. With tall minarets and palanquins, Khalsa College seems like it has been carved out directly from an epic fantasy novel. One can easily spot the brilliant splash of the red dome against the sky when arriving at this splendid campus! Students cannot help but be impressed by the sheer mammoth weight of history this campus holds, which is more than a century old! When are you dropping by for your Sorting Ceremony here? 

7. IIM Kozhikode

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Picture Credits: tanveesh_

The final stop in this magical quest is the pretty campus of IIM Kozhikode. Situated in Kerala, this campus is perhaps the most aesthetically appealing of the lot. A paradise for nature lovers, this campus (lovingly called ‘Kampus’ by the students) is a breathtaking compilation of one scenery after another. The mesmerising clouds, the hilly terrain and the numerous snack stalls peppered along its serene area come together to offer an otherworldly experience!
So fellow Potterheads, did you know about these magical hotspots hidden in the country? Which ones have you already visited? Tell us in the comments below!