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7 Hauntingly Beautiful Hideouts In The Hills To Make Your Post COVID Travel Escape To



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Are you too, like us, tired of all these monotonous days of being stuck at home? Are you also longing for the frosty chill of the mountains, scenic views, and the breath of fresh air? Well, here’s a list of 7 hauntingly beautiful hideouts in the hills, which y’all should bookmark for your next vacay, as soon as the pandemic gets over! Without further ado, let’s dive into this list of gorgeous hideouts. (Warning, you might be flooded with a MAJOR craving to travel soon, so beware!)

1. Minivet ClifftopTreehouse, Kerala 

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Nothing matches the view of the lush green virgin rainforests and the tranquil mountains from this rustic tree house. Nestled deep within the Western ghats, this one’s a recognised UNESCO world heritage site. The perfect place to bid goodbye to all your stress and tune into your inner zen mode, this place will make sure you recharge your batteries. Take in the tranquility that nature has to offer with stunning views and magical fireflies dancing in the dark, and book yourself the perfect relaxing retreat right here!

Where | Minivet Clifftop Treehouse, Meppadi, Wayanad District, Kerala
Tariff | Rs 8,000 Onwards c`  
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2. Rihaaishh - Independent Home, Himachal Pradesh

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A traditionally-built mountain home independently propped up and converted into a modern nest away from the city’s hubbub, this place sits in the lap of nature. This Airbnb, surrounded by farms and its own garden, is the perfect place for some much-needed unwinding. Book away to enjoy some necessary me-time with a gorgeous view!

Where | Rihaaishh - Independent Home, Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh
Tariff | Rs 5,500 Onwards
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3. North - Nagar, Himachal Pradesh

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Located high up in the mountains and hidden by ancient deodars, what was once an abandoned estate is now a homestay, cafe & co-working space *mind blown*! North is a three-storey tall, traditional Himachali house and will make for an eclectic home for all. The elegant and cosy bedrooms sit at the top floor, offering a splendid view of the valley, while the second floor is the recreational and study area where you can cosy up to catch up on some good movies or enjoy a good read on a rainy day, so go book his haven right away! 

Where | North - Nagar, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
Tariff | Rs 3,895 Onwards  
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4. Sukoon In The Himalayas, Uttarakhand

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Spread over three spacious acres of land in the Himalayas and surrounded by virgin pine, oak, rhododendrons and other sundry trees bearing seasonal fruits and vegetables, your day at Sukoon starts with the birds chirping and slivers of sunlight peeking through the slate roofs into your cottages. The entire purpose of this place is to let you relax your brain and soul, so there are no TVs or WiFi facilities. Plan that ideal gadget-free retreat here to find yourselves again!

Where | Sukoon In The Himalayas - Jalna, Uttarakhand
Tariff | Rs 5,000 Onwards
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5. Gone Fishing Cottages, Himachal Pradesh

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Yet another UNESCO world heritage site, Gone Fishing Cottages in Himachal Pradesh is just the perfect place to crash at with all you peeps who have a thing for fishing. These family cottages are located on the banks of the lapping Kalwari stream, near the Great Himalayan National Park. So, don’t forget to carry your fishing rods and gear when you head over to this place and live out an episode of the Deadliest Catch here! 

Where | Gone Fishing Cottages - Tirthan Valley, Village Deori, Kalwari, Himachal Pradesh
Tariff | Rs 6,000 Onwards  
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6. Kaudia Estate, Tehri

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This pretty little castle is surrounded by lofty Deodar and Cedar trees and the Kaudia forest, and is a three-bedroom estate overlooking a huge garden with rare flowers and decorated with a modern and contemporary touch. Located 65 kms from Mussoorie, while you’re there, not only can you take a nice walk in the Kaudia forest but also go for a fun snooker match or stargaze through the telescope. You could just laze around in the estate and admire the beauty of the mountain peaks while sipping a nice cup of tea with a book in your hand, so defo check this place out for your next trip! 

Where | Kaudia Estate - Kanatal, Tehri
Tariff | Rs 90,000 Onwards
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7. The Nomad's Cottage, Himachal Pradesh

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Located approximately 140 kms away from Manali at an altitude of 13,400 ft., The Nomad’s Cottage is an untouched beautiful gem retaining its pristine elegance. The host’s polite and welcoming nature will make you feel right at home while you take in the beauty and magic of this place with every passing second. They also have in-house chefs to cater to all your food cravings, so book away the perf getaway here for you and your loved ones!

Where | The Nomad’s Cottage - Losar, Himachal Pradesh
Tariff | Rs 3,000 Onwards
Book Online Here |

We can’t wait to head to these majestic locations for a much-needed escape! Which of these places are you gonna escape to as soon as the pandemic ends?

P.S. - Tariffs As Recorded On 7th June 2021.