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7 Gardening Hacks That Will Make Your Plants Healthier This Summer


The harsh sun rays, increase in humidity and the dusty winds- oh hello, summer! These hot days are extremely gruelling for the flora and fauna. For the birds and stray animals, you must keep bowls of water and keep filling it throughout the day, and if you’re a plant lover and are keen on gardening, then we’ve got some tips to keep your plants healthy that y’all are gonna thank us for, so scroll on!

1. Steep Fresh Neem Leaves Overnight To Create A Natural Pesticide

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Picture Credits: tales_that_travels

You’re one of the lucky ones if you have easy access to a neem tree! Neem leaves can do wonders to your skin, hair and even to your plants. To make a natural pesticide, boil a bunch of neem leaves and soak ‘em overnight. Strain in the morning and pour it in a spray bottle. Use it whenever you see insects or as a preventive measure once or twice a week. 

2. Use Sponges To Soak The Excess Water From The Roots & Soil

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Picture Credits: inspired_homedecor

Excessive watering can damage the plants. You can maintain the balance of water in your plants by placing old sponges at the bottom of the pot. This will balance the moisture and keep your plants healthy, even during the scorching days.

3. Create A Greenhouse To Protect Your Plants From The Heat

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If your plants are placed under direct sunlight, then it’s very important to create a greenhouse, otherwise, the leaves will turn yellow quickly. To create one, you need some green net material (size will depend on the area that you need to cover) and fix it with the help of hooks or rods.

4. Create A Small Raised Garden Bed To Grow Veggies/Fruits

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If you’re growing fruits and veggies, make a separate garden bed for them because they require different soil and more attention than your regular plants. Make sure you dig the soil well when you plant the seeds, water accordingly and don’t keep them under direct sunlight for long periods of time!

5. Make Your Garden Soil Stronger With Egg Shells

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Picture Credits: walkingthruthyme

Crushed eggshells add calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus to the soil that makes it healthier and stronger. Whenever you’re changing pots or you see that your plants are not growing enough, sprinkle a sufficient amount of crushed eggshells and see the magic yourself!

6. Make Your Own Fertilizer With Fruits & Vegetable Peels

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Picture Credits: priyamvadakowshik

Whenever you’re peeling veggies and fruits, collect them in a closed container instead of throwing it. Let it compost for a while before you turn it into liquids and spray it on! If you need instant fertilizer, then you can also throw banana peels on the soil and let it decompose on its own while providing nutrients to the plants.

7. Reuse Coconut Shells, Plastics And Use Them As Planters

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Picture Credits: gardenstories1

Each day, you throw away plastics and other waste materials that are not biodegradable and harm the environment. Instead of throwing them, use them as planters and place it around your home or terrace to give your place a funky touch!

Guys, we hope you benefit from these gardening tips and do let us know how it goes when you try ‘em!