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7 Best Eateries In Gujranwala Town Where You & Your BFF Can Devour A Meal Under Rs 650

Vrinda Sharma 13 June 2018


Good food equals to good mood, especially after a tiring day at work or a hectic one at college!  Therefore, for all North Delhiites we’ve found these 7 pocket-friendly places in Gujranwala Town. All these eateries serve dishes so delectable, it’s bound to make your gastronomic experience a memorable one. So, either head over with your bae or tag along with your broskis fosho! 

1. Harry Da Dhaba

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Harry Da Dhaba is a newly opened cutesy place in Gujranwala town. The entire ambience of the restaurant keeps in touch with its Punjabi spirit with big pickle jars, rifles and lathis adorning the walls. Their specialty being North Indian cuisine, we’re sure you’ll come out licking your fingers in the end fosho! A must try, we say.

Where | Harry Da Dhaba - Shop 8, Vardhman Plaza
Meal For Two | Rs 400 
Timings | 5 PM - 12 Midnight 
Call Them | +91 9811 235 333
Check Out Their FB Page |

2. JOE And The Company

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We’ve just GOT to begin this list with this place ‘cause they offer a RAD variety of waffles such as Matcha Green Tea, Gulab Jamun, Shahi Tukda and many more! Apart from waffles, these guys also have flavourful shakes like Dry Fruit, Nutella & Peanut Butter and Jamun which’ll provide much needed relief to parched throats this summer. So, head here to devour these delectable delights! 

Where | JOE And The Company - A 353, Shop No 4, Derawal nagar
Meal For Two | Rs 450 
Timings | 11 AM - 11 PM 
Call Them | +91 9899 899 825
Check Out Their FB Page | 

3. Changezi Chicken 

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A true North Dilliwala will know that this place is the ultimate pit-stop for all meat lovers! Haven for a non-vegetarian, this place has Tandoori Butter Chicken, Chicken Fry, Fish Tikka, Mutton & Chicken Biryani, Butter Khamiri Roti and toothsome Phirni as well! This is a one-of-its-kind place and the best part, it’s extremely budget friendly too! Although, it is a small joint without any seating facility but you can stand and enjoy your meal just as well. So, what are you waiting for? 

Where | Changezi Chicken - G-1, Vardhman Royal Plaza, LSC, Derawal Nagar Part 1
Meal For Two | Rs 650 
Timings | 6:30 - 11 PM 
Call Them | +91 8375 820 090, +91 8375 820 020

4. Penta Cafe 

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Penta Cafe has been serving delicacies for more than 10 years now and has an insane variety of food! These guys have 35 varieties of Maggis and 25 varieties of momos and if this doesn’t make you drool then we don’t know what will! These guys also have an array of ice cream shakes, mocktails and coffees on their menu! So, for a scrumptious meal you need to head here ASAP! 

Where | Penta Cafe - 663, Near Pentamed Hospital, Derawal Nagar
Meal For Two | Rs 500 
Timings | 7:30 AM - 11:30 PM 
Call Them | +91 8826 939 992, +91 8826 939 997
Check Out Their FB Page | 

5. Railway Yard The Mid Night Cafe 

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Railway Yard The Mid Night Cafe is open from 7 PM to 4 AM and has super quirky interiors with  cane tables, stools and an outdoor seating area as well where you can sit back and relax with your broskis! What else? The walls here are graffitied with super cool quotes and pictures. So, choose from their Chinese, North Indian & Continental menu and indulge in the ultimate #foodgasm! 

Where | Railway Yard The Mid Night Cafe - B-36/11, GT Karnal Road Industrial Area
Meal For Two | Rs 600 
Timings | 7 PM - 4 AM 
Call Them | +91 9911 830 022
Check Out Their FB Page | 

6. Raahgiri

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Raahgiri is a lesser known gem that has about 100 freaking dishes on their elaborate menu! With such astounding varieties of momos and Maggis, you oughta bookmark this place for an unapologetic binge sesh. You can also dig your forks into Chilli Chicken, Chilli Mushroom, Chicken Garlic Fried Rice and many other dishes on the menu. This eatery HAS to be on your must-visit list! 

Where | Raahgiri - G-6, Local Shopping Complex
Meal For Two | Rs 400 
Timings | 10:30 AM - 10:30 PM 
Call Them | +91 9717 901 316

7. The Grub House

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For a perfect grubbing experience, The Grub House should be your pit-stop. This cutesy little place serves mouth-watering finger food like Manchurian Roll, Chilli Chicken Dry, Double Cheese Burger, Peri Peri Pasta and LOADS more. And the absolute heart clinching part is that these guys serve everyone’s fave momos and waffles as well!

Where | The Grub House - Local Shopping Complex G-1, Derawal nagar 
Meal For Two | Rs 300 
Timings | 2 - 11 PM 
Call Them | +91 8851 787 051
Check Out Their FB Page | 

For a day of true indulgence, head to these places and satiate your hunger pangs!