If you’re an ardent biryani lover, you’ll know that nothing satiates the taste buds the way a plate of biryani can *heart eyes*. And when it comes to the varieties of this heavenly dish, we’re all spoilt for choice! Since we’ve always got your back, here’s a list of places in Noida where you can gorge away to glory on a steaming hot plate of biryani!

1. Biryani By Kilo

Be it Kolkata, Hyderabadi or Lucknowi biryani, at Biryani By Kilo you’ll find all these and much more! A delivery-only restaurant, their presentation will make you swoon. The biryani comes properly packed in an authentic handi with extra candles in case you want to reheat and is accompanied with their potent and zesty Salan, which enhances the taste of the biryani even more! 

Price | Rs 325 Onwards
Location | Sector 50 & Sector 63
Call For Orders | +91 9555 212 212
Order Online Here | http://www.biryanibykilo.com
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/Biryani-By-Kilo-205478923236322

2. Deez Biryani

Deez Biryani is known all over the city for their amazing biryanis! With comfortable seating and a pleasant atmosphere, the food here is both high on quality and low on price. Their handi biryanis come in a lot of varieties & sizes with the biggest one, Golden Jubilee Special, catering to a crowd of 50-60 people! 

Definitely check out their Hyderabadi Paneer Biryani, Lucknowi Biryani and Dilli 6 Fish & Prawn Biryani for the biryani binge of your life!

Price | Rs 265 Onwards
Location | P-10, First Floor, Sector 18
Call For Orders | +91 11 3310 7938
Order Online Here | https://order.deez.co.in
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/deezbiryani/

3. Bikkgane


Earlier known as ‘Biryani Paradise’, Bikkgane sells one of the best Hyderabadi biryanis in town. The atmosphere here is desi and the food - fresh, delicious and homely! The combination of Chicken 65 and Bikkgane Special Biryani is something to die for and we absolutely recommend their Veg and Chicken Biryani which will literally satisfy all your biryani cravings!

Price | Rs 199 Onwards
Location | Sector 18 & Sector 63
Order Online Here | http://bikkganebiryani.com
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/bikkganebiryani/

4. Kolkata Biryani House

Kolkata Biryani House is known for serving biryani with a slightly hatke taste and it definitely stands up to these claims! Their biryanis are made using a distinct combination of spices, rendering a truly unusual and delicious flavour! Their famous Bengali Style Biryani comprises boiled egg and potato in it, making it one of their must-try dishes, so do come by for an amazing meal!

Price | Rs 140 Onwards
Location | 138, Jaipuria Plaza, Sector 26
Call For Orders | +91 11 4174 9595
Order Online Here | http://www.kbh.co.in/
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/kolkatabiryanihouse/

5. Biryani Blues

With a number of outlets in Noida, Biryani Blues is the perfect choice to satisfy your biryani cravings in the hood. The consistency that they maintain across their outlets in terms of quantity and quality is highly commendable. 

The biryani is always perfectly cooked and the rich aroma is enough to make you drool! So go ahead and try their premium veg, chicken and mutton biryanis RN!

Price | Rs 250 Onwards
Location | Sector 18, Sector 32 & Sector 50
Call For Orders | +91 8010 801 000
Order Online Here | http://biryaniblues.com/order-online/
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/Biryani-Blues-1868040153460785

6. Delhi Biryani Hut

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If you want a plate of scrumptious biryani at damn cheap prices, then Delhi Biryani Hut is the place for you! The most loved biryanis that they serve here are Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani and Mutton Biryani. Plus, the salan that they serve with their biryanis is the perfect mood setter and trust us, you will keep asking for more!

Price | Rs 40 Onwards
Call For Orders | +91 9717 702 279
Location | RN-3-B, Opposite Corporation Bank, Near Fortis Hospital, Sector 62

7. Handiwala

Picture Credits: Radhika Agarwal

Handiwala is an amazing delivery restaurant that serves authentic North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. Just like its name, their biryanis come in traditional dum cooked haandis accompanied by raita and chutneys *drooling already*. With varieties such as Paneer Biryani, Murgh Biryani and Gosht Biryani, this place is definitely worth ordering from! 

Price | Rs 300 Onwards
Location | G-45, Sector 18
Call For Orders | +91 11 3310 7874
Order Online Here | http://handiwala.com
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/thehandiwala/

No matter what kind, we know you love biryani! So go ahead and try all these amazing places for the best biryani in Noida!