7 Amazing Airbnbs In Pondi From Where You Can Enjoy A Glorious View Of The Sea

An Old School Girl 28 Aug 2017

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In the eccentric little city of Puducherry, you’ll find yourself between gorgeous French architecture, romantic streets and a culture that’s a very unique mix of Indian and French influences. One of the most beautiful features of this charming city is the beaches. There are four major beaches - Promenade Beach, Paradise Beach, Auroville Beach and Serenity Beach. 

Due to the fact that it’s a relatively secluded city, the beaches here are free of crowds and very peaceful. They’re perfect for enjoying a beautiful sunrise and if you’re planning on visiting, we bring to you seven terrific Airbnbs to stay at, from where you can drink in that dreamy sea view every morning!

1. Casa Laxmi

Nestled near Serenity Beach, Casa Laxmi is a two floor private villa offering a complete luxury experience. The rooms are contemporary in style with a rustic beach vibe and there’s a large front garden with coconut trees and *yasss* a hammock! They’ve also got a kitchen on the ground floor with all the amenities and the place can comfortably accommodate four people. The large glass windows and balcony offer a spectacular view of the sea stretching out before you. Check ‘em out and book up!

Tariff | Rs 4,172 Onwards
Location | Serenity Beach
Book Your Airbnb Stay Here | https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/18382290

2. Sea View Orchid House


Orchid House is perfect for those who want to spend some relaxing and peaceful time at the beach as it has its own private pathway leading to the shore! It’s also great for large families as it can happily house eight people and has various facilities like a large garden, swimming pool, play area and a trampoline. If you’re looking for a quiet escape, this is a beautiful haven to hide out at!

Tariff | Rs 7,501 Onwards
Location | Pillaichavady
Book Your Airbnb Stay Here | https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/13503522

3. Gulkand House

You will not be able to take your eyes off the gorgeous sea view from the living room and bedroom here and it’s the perfect beach house to wake up in! Perfectly suitable for a group of six, the pretty blue interiors inspired by the coast are so lovely that you will not want to leave anytime soon. To add to it all, it’s centrally located as it lies close to the city proper and Auroville and makes for a very comfortable stay. Already itching to come over? Book up!

Tariff | Rs 4,937 Onwards
Location | Serenity Beach
Book Your Airbnb Stay Here | https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/12457267

4. Sea View Holiday Home

This private beach villa is located very close to the Quiet Healing Centre and is especially perfect for those planning to try some rejuvenating therapies at the centre. Though it can accommodate only small groups at a time, it has a beautiful setting with wooden décor and a modern ambience. Arul, the host, is also very amicable and will make sure you have a marvellous experience, so do check this one out! 

Tariff | Rs 4,296 Onwards
Location | Near Anantha Ashram, Chinnamudaluarchavady
Book Your Airbnb Stay Here | https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/15737239

5. Villa Majorelle

Located on Serenity Beach, this small village-style home has us awed by its rustic interiors and delicate details that remind us of a coastal village. It’s got a very homely atmosphere and has some truly gorgeous beach views. More than adequate for five people, it has all the modern facilities your urban soul needs and the host is super friendly too! 

Tariff | Rs 3,398 Onwards
Location | Serenity Beach
Book Your Airbnb Stay Here | https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/5501008

6. Villa Mahadevi

A simple shack-style home with a raw kind of Spanish appeal, this one is fuss-free and suitable for an unadorned, pure experience of nature and the ocean. Apart from accommodating up to five people and being well away from the noise of the city, it’s one of the most affordable options available on Serenity Beach, so it won’t even set you back by much! 

Tariff | Rs 2,565 Onwards
Location | Serenity Beach
Book Your Airbnb Stay Here | https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/5731460

7. Casa Arma 

This quirky little place has so many eccentric details in its décor, such as haveli-style architecture and a stone wall bathing area *wow!*. It’s an absolute delight in the morning to gaze at the crashing ocean from the terrace here and there’s also a hammock that will form the perfect reading spot *dreamy eyed*! It also allows pets, so that’s a major plus for all you pet-owners out there!

Tariff | Rs 2,436 Onwards
Address | Serenity Beach
Book Your Airbnb Stay Here | https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/5731009

Summer will soon come to an end and this is the ideal time to head to this unique French beach town. For an unforgettable vacation, book one of these Airbnbs right away!