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Stationery is something we can NEVER get enough of! We mean hoarding pretty pens, scented erasers and notebooks, this is enough to make us happy! So, if you’re the kinda person that also drools over leather bound diaries and fountain pens then you HAVE to check out these 7 amazing stationery stores in the heart of city, CP!

1. New Delhi Stationery Mart 

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Theses guys have everything from affordable letter writing sets to exquisite pens which will make for a perfect gift for your writer friends! So, the next time you’re in CP, head to this store and indulge in some much needed stationery shopping spree! 

Where  | New Delhi Stationery Mart - C-Block, Road Number 5, Radial Road Number 4, Block C
Timings | 24X7 
Call Them | +91 11 2341 7355

2. N.R Pen Store 

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Be ready to be spoilt for choice here ‘cause these guys have a RAD collection of pens! If pretty, quirky and unique pens is what y’all are looking for then defo head over to this place right away. So all ya stationery hoarders, head to this place and shop your heart’s away. 

Where | N.R Pen Store - 13, Regal Building, Connaught Circus
Call Them | + 91 9899 552 116
Timings | 11 AM - 7:30 PM 
Check Out Their FB Page |

3. Jain Gift & Stationery Mart 

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This one for all everyone who live and breathe stationery! Jain Gift & Stationery Mart has a wide range of notebooks, diaries, pens, colors and LOADS other stationery items and we’re totally lovin’ it! So, treat your inner stationery hoader with a bunch of stationery products from here *wide grins*!  

Where | Jain Gift & Stationery Mart - C-25, Middle Circle
Timings | 09:45 AM - 7 PM 
\r\nCall Them | + 91 11 2341 8140

4. Chunni Lal Hazari Lal Pens Store

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We couldn’t have completed the list without mentioning these guys! Chunni Lal Hazari Lal Pens Store has everything from office stationery products to computer stationery and is actually a haven for all pen lovers! So, make a stop here the next time you wish to treat yourself with some beautiful pens! 

Where | Chunni Lal Hazari Lal Pens Store - 22, Block C, Middle Circle
Timings | 10:30 AM - 7 PM 
Call Them | + 91 9958 046 192
Check Out Their FB Page | 

5. Nath & Co.

This store is answer for all your stationery needs ‘cause these lovelies have pens, notebooks, diaries and SO much more to buy here *YAASSS*! They also have a great variety of gift items on display here, so if it’s your BFF’s birthday anytime soon, then you know where you need to be! 

Where |  Nath & Co. - A-15, Inner Circle
Timings | 11 AM - 7:30 PM 
Call Them | +91 11 2332 0273

6. Empire Book Depot 

The Empire Book Depot is quite a popular store located in Janpath. There are competitive books, international magazines, books on Indian art, and LOADS more here. In addition, they also sell maps, cute greeting cards and lots more that are just perfect for that not-so-necessary stationery shopping *wink, wink*! 

Where | Empire Book Depot - 74, Janpath Market
Timings | 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM 
Call Them | + 91 9312 248 642

7. Oxford Book Store 

Oxford is one of the best places for all book lovers in town and we all know that. But, did you know that this awesome bookstore also has some pretty cool diaries, notebooks and planners *YAY*! You can also plan a date with your beau here ‘cause these guys have a kickass cafe called Cha Bar here and it’s perfect for your bibliophile bae. 

Where | Oxford Book Store - N - 81, Block N 
Timings | 10 AM - 9:30 PM 
Call Them | + 91 11 4919 2091
Check Out Their FB Page |

So indulge in some stationery shopping at these places and have a great time!