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12 Absolutely Breathtaking Lakes Across India That Need To Be On Your Bucket List For 2024

Tejal Dua 5 Mar 2024


We all long for some peace from the crowded and polluted cities, so what better place than a spot next to a serene water body? Lakes provide us with excellent opportunities for recreation and rejuvenation as the blissful atmosphere, pristine water and picturesque surroundings enrich our souls. This is why we’ve made up a list of all the most stunning and beautiful lakes scattered throughout the country - take a look and bookmark away!

1. Dal lake 

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Picture Credit : trios_travel_diary

A total gem in Srinagar, this lake gives us not just stunning views but also provides important stuff for the locals nearby. It's a hotspot for tourists, showing off its natural beauty, and at the same time, it's a hub for things like fishing and harvesting water plants, keeping the local economy rolling. It's pretty cool how this lake isn't just about looking pretty, but also keeps things buzzing for the folks living around it.

Where | Srinagar

2. Lake Pichola

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Picture Credit : lake_pichola_udaipur_rajasthan

Located in the heart of Udaipur lies the crown jewel, Lake Pichola gleaming brightly! This man-made marvel, surrounded by the majestic Aravali highlands, is simply breathtaking to look at. Towering mountains and lush flora dance across its crystal-clear waters, painting a picture-perfect scene straight from nature's canvas. It's a delightful blend of charm and history, a true masterpiece that captures the real beauty of Udaipur.

Where | Udaipur

3. Naini Lake

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Picture Credit : nainitaltourism

This lake is the heart and soul of Nainital, surrounded by scenic beauty and captivating views. And yes, everyone has seen it but have you really witnessed its beauty? This picturesque lake offers a perfect setting for leisurely boating. As visitors glide across the lake, they're treated to reflections of the surrounding mountains, enhancing their senses and leaving them in awe. It's a calm oasis amidst the bustling charm of Nainital, inviting all to have a memorable experience!

Where | Kumaon, Uttarakhand 

4. Suraj Tal 

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Picture Credit : smg_shardul

Suraj Tal is a cool lake tucked in the Lahaul Spiti valley, just below Bara-Lacha-La pass. It's not just any lake, it's said to be India's third-highest and the Sun God's hangout spot (how cool is that?), where a dip can wash away all your sins. And guess what? In winter, when the mountains wear snowy blankets, it's like stepping into a winter wonderland. Don't forget to add Suraj Tal to your adventure checklist!

 Where | Himachal Pradesh

5. Haflong Lake

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Picture Credit : rita.chakma.3

Haflong Lake isn't just any old lake – it's the ultimate hotspot in Haflong! Assam's gem offers everything from boating to birdwatching, making it a total blast for visitors. Thanks to the local authorities, it's always spick and span, ready for some serious fun. And in winter? It's like a cosy retreat for the migratory birds. So, grab your crew and let's make some epic memories at Haflong Lake!

Where | Assam 

6. Gurudongmar Lake

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Picture Credits: theenchantingindia

Situated in Sikkim, Gurudongmar Lake is one of the highest lakes in the WORLD, people. The uncommon beauty of the lake surrounded by Alpine pastures is just breathtaking. Though the whole lake remains frozen for most of the year, a part of it always remains fluid. Gurudongmar Lake is sacred for the people living in nearby parts and has the toughest terrain. Make sure you make a plan to visit this beauty at least once in your lifetime!

Where | Sikkim

7. Pangong Tso Lake 

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Picture Credits: abanerjeevisuals

The water here glistens like a blue sapphire stone, sparkling and pristine! Yes, we are talking about the world’s highest saltwater lake - Pangong Tso Lake. Surrounded by arid mountains, this one is an absolute gem. The most astonishing feature of this lake is its nature of changing colours from azure to light blue to green and grey too! Go ahead and see it for yourself to believe it!

Where | Ladakh 

8. Ashtamudi Lake

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Picture Credits:

The serene backwaters of Kerala offer you all the tranquillity that you are looking for, including the placid waters of Ashtamudi Lake. There are eight arms and channels to this lake and the fascinating flora and fauna, as well as the thick greenery, will enchant you as soon as you set eyes on it! Get set and hire yourself a house-boat and let the oarsman take you on an epic journey into God's own country!

Where | Kerala 

9. Chandratal Lake

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Picture Credits: arunthakurhere

Commonly referred to as the moon lake, Chandratal Lake is situated amidst the isolated and ruggedly beautiful mountains of Spiti Valley. The crescent shape of the lake is simply beyond gorgeous and even a glance will make you fall in love with it! The contrasting colours and graphic landscape will make you think you’re somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Need we say more? Go explore this beauty with your camera in tow!

Where | Lahul And Spiti, HP

10. Manasbal Lake 

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Picture Credits: /

This lake is surrounded by pink and luscious lotuses during the months of July and August and is a glorious sight to behold! It’s also the deepest lake in Jammu and Kashmir, which is truly astonishing! An unexplored gem, it is particularly famous for kayaking. Interestingly, Manasbal Lake is one of the biggest retreats of aquatic birds in Kashmir and we’re definitely making plans to take a boat ride through this one!

Where| Jammu & Kashmir 

11. Loktak Lake 

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Picture Credits: thirdeyetraveller

This alluring lake at Moirang in Manipur is the largest fresh-water lake in North East India. This lake echoes a midget inland sea and is popular for the phumdis (floating islands) floating over it. Home to 233 species of aquatic plants, more than 100 species of birds, and 425 species of animals, including the Indian python and sambhar, this lake serves as the world’s only floating national park located in India. Woah!

Where | Manipur 

12. Sambhar Salt Lake

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Picture Credits: gourav_sharma087

Sambhar Salt Lake near Jaipur is famous for its pristine wildlife sanctuary. This lake was also a part of the epic ’Mahabharata’ and is the largest inland salt lake in India. Edged with rough sea salt, this lake looks particularly ethereal during moonlit nights and is defo worth the trip!

Where | 80 Kms From Jaipur 

This is your hand-picked, choice list of where to have that epic lake-side picnic at next. Bookmark and make your plans already!