Ansal Plaza brings back a lot of happy memories of chilled out hogging sessions with friends and aimless lounging after sunset at the open amphitheatre. College and quick dates would never be the same without this place gracing the cityscape. However, like everything else, the place has evolved with time and how! The mall holds immense potential to become South Delhi’s premier foodie hub with many more eateries popping up here in the near future.

Ansal Plaza has come to play host to a number to stunning eateries with a range of cuisines to savour, but like everybody else we also have our favourites are only too happy to share (not to mention gush about)! From delish cuisines from around the world to some hyperlocal and desi fare, these eateries will make your visit to Ansal Plaza worthwhile AND happy! Here are the ones you should definitely take a look at:

1. Taksim

Spread across two floors, this haunt serves global cuisine with style, and has contemporary interiors with crockery walls and chandeliers made out of broken crockery that people would love going back to. This place is known for its stellar hookahs (seriously they’re damn good!), Sunday brunches and Indian, Continental and European fare. They have live band gigs on Wednesdays with happy hours all night long as well as entertaining Saturday nights. Great vibes, awesome food and endless tipples and boozy cocktails, what more can one ask for?!

Meal For Two | Rs 1,500
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2. Trend Bar & Kitchen

This trendy (no pun intended) eatery offers a luxurious ambience and quirky fusion preparations that one can admire to the hilt! You gotta get a taste of their Mutton Vada Pav, Dilli 6 Burger, Seven Grain Khichdi, Signature Butter Chicken, Jack Daniel Pork Belly and Butter Pepper Garlic Crab (woah!). For the teetotallers, their Falooda 2.0 and Tiramisu mocktails are a must try - when are you dropping by?!

Meal For Two | Rs 2,000
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3. The Sky High

One of Delhi’s largest and most loved rooftop eateries, they do awesome food and super entertaining live gigs that pair real well with their elaborate and scrumptious fare. They dish out delish sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, Continental and Mughlai fare as well. You should dig into their Peri Peri Pizza, Nachos and Stuffed Mushrooms amongst other tasty grub - and don’t forget to order lots and lost of sangria!

Meal For Two | Rs 1,400
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4. Jom Jom Malay

This Malaysian eatery serves authentic Malaysian cuisine delivered to the visitors through culinary experiences from the hawkers of Malaysia. You can dig into true to taste Asian cuisine with yummy delicacies like baos, curries oozing with flavourful juices, Nasi Goreng, Penang Laksa - they’ve literally got it all *drooling already*!

Meal For Two | Rs 1,800
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5. Sizzlers Cafe By Gola

This one’s special, they offer an array of stellar cuisines right from North Indian, Mughlai to Continental and more right here at this peppy cafe. A Gen X haunt by the popular eatery Gola Sizzlers, they will feed your lust for delish food and hip ambience for those Insta-worthy images. You just have to go see it for yourselves, peeps!

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6. Kofuku

Mumbai’s much-adored sushi place Kofuku has carved out quite a name for itself in the Delhi food circle too. These people don’t do the usual sushi, instead you can expect some of the most creative presentations that will totally win you over! Apart from sushi, they also offer other authentic Japanese dishes like Tempura Udon, Salmon Teriyaki and much more. Seeya there?! 

Meal For Two | Rs 1,500
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7. The Masala Trail By Osama Jalali

The Masala Trail By Osama Jalali is loved for its fare and vibes alike. Their menu includes signature dishes from various regions of India, covering all directions up and down & side to side of the country. Right from dishes like Bedmi Aloo and Dal Bati Churma, they feature some authentics flavours from various Indian states. You gotta check ‘em out!

Meal For Two | Rs 800
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Those are lots of reasons for you to head to Ansal Plaza RN and check out these places if you haven’t yet. Trust us, you’ll come back delighted!

Where | Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg