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60 Peeps From ‘Round The World Will Be Paid To Taste Nutella So Go Apply For The Best Job Ever!

So Delhi 11 Aug 2018


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Does hearing the word ‘chocolate’ induce a wide, happy grin across your faces and get you all heart-eyed? And do you pride yourselves on having superior taste buds? Did you just scream yes to both these questions? Then we’ve found the perfect job for you!

Dream Job Alert | Are you irrevocably and irresistibly in love with Nutella? If yes, then their parent company, Ferrero, has an awesome job in store for you. These guys are on the lookout for 60 volunteers from all over the world to be taste testers or sensory judges for them. The selected volunteers will spend three months in heaven - basically tasting chocolate, cacao, hazelnuts and more ingredients that go into the making of Nutella. O.M.G, dream job!

And here’s the best part - you don’t need any degrees or qualification for the job, except a passionate love for chocolate, basic computer knowledge and good taste buds. Also, hope you don’t have any food allergies, ‘cause then you won’t be eligible for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

And if you’re selected, then welcome to dreamland! You’ll be given three months of training starting September, where your taste buds will be honed to perfection. And yes, you peeps will also get a stipend. And if you successfully pass the course, you’ll be awarded a part-time employment contract with the company! Isn’t that just so freaking awesome?!

Now that we’ve got you all excited about this, here’s what you need to do. Just drop your CVs and cover letters at [email protected] and make sure you specify ‘ALB01’ in the subject line. So go, start writing your cover letters NOW and tell ‘em how much you love chocolate! Good luck!

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