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60 Ft. Long Bar, Exquisitely Crafted Cocktails & A Truly Swanky Ambience @ Novelé, Shangri-La



If you’re always up for trying new and refreshing cocktails, then we’d say Novele is just the watering hole for you. This pretty and classy cocktail bar has an extensive menu of some really amazing cocktails that you need to try out RN! 

Let The Cocktails Do The Talking | Located in the heart of city, Delhi’s experimental cocktail bar, Novelé, promises to give you and your loved ones a delightful and exquisite cocktail sharing experience while giving you all them European vibes! You’d find exotic, hand-crafted concoctions that are popular in cities like London and trust us, these guys will take your love for cocktails to another level with their extravagant theme based cocktail vessels. After months of research and experiments, their expert mixologists - Luca Cinalli and Gabriele Manfredi, have created some really amazing cocktails that beg to be sampled. 

These amazing cocktails will surely surprise you owing to their unusual flavours and we’re personally in love with their quirky vodka based drink called Rothschild Punch which is served in a giraffe-shaped glass vessel, and if you’re more of a gin person, then you have gotta try out their Corcovado cocktail!

So, if you’re looking to try some potent cocktails in a swanky ambience, then Novelé is where you need to land up at!

Where | Novele - Ground Floor, Shopping Arcade, Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, 19 Ashoka Road, Janpath 
Meal For Two | Rs 5,500
Timings | 12 Noon - 4 PM & 6 PM - 1 AM
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