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6 Yummies Like Chicken Wonton Burger & Sweet Chilli Fries To Devour @ Rood Dude, Satya


Our Dilli is no stranger to the hottest and latest trends. Well, guess what? We’ve scoured for you a quirky amalgamation of food AND fashion. Rood Dude is an all new ‘street fashion bistro’ in the middle of Satya Niketan. This unique cafe offers not only some eccentric fashion items but also some scrummy food. With a menu that enlists some truly fascinating dishes, we decided to try out some dishes this quaint bistro had to offer. Here is all we had here, come, check it out!

1. Snake Bite

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The scorching Delhi heat calls for some chilled and refreshing beverages and Rood Dude offers a huge variety of drinks with the craziest names. We decided to try out the fascinating Snake Bite. Made with raspberries, we felt that the drink didn’t quite hit the mark. The raspberry flavour was too overpowering and the drink had an almost syrupy sweetness. While we do commend the idea of a non-alcoholic Snake Bite, the execution of this drink was a tad bit underwhelming.

2. Chicken Kurkure Wonton

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We’re sure you’re no stranger to the love we feel for dumplings, momos or wontons, you name it. Well, Rood Dude put a yummy spin on our favourite wontons and made them into kurkure ones.

The snack itself was super crunchy on the outside and moist from the inside. We loved the mayo on top of the wontons and the dip provided was a delicious and tangy addition. The chicken inside was well cooked and the flavours were subtle, thus complementing the kurkure part more cohesively. Our favourite part was their delicate skins of the wontons which were crunchy and took the dish to another level!

3. Sweet Chilli Fries

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The next item on our quest for scrummy grub was the Sweet Chilli Fries. Served with mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce drizzled generously over it, these fries made for a tasty snack. The dish had the right amount of chilli in it and the sweetness in the sauce balanced out the excessive spiciness. We loved the crispiness of the fries and the explosion of flavours in our mouths has made us fans of this treat. These fries are super versatile and will surely become your favourite, whether you’re a spicy food lover or not!

4. Shawarma Kebab Pizza Cone

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We’re all familiar with the new Indian twists that pizzas come with now, but this one is surely unheard of. A pizza cone with some juicy shawarma kebabs - yum! How could we NOT try this one? The pizza cone was made of soft and fresh bread. The filling was well cooked and we thought the spices were on point. The cone was drizzled with a bit of mayonnaise and served with their signature dip of tangy mayonnaise. We loved the taste of the chicken and the juiciness of the kebabs complimented the freshness of the bread, so defo dig into this one here!

5. Chicken Wonton Burger

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From some delicious crispy wontons to a full blown, wonton burger. Yes, you heard that right. We tried out the quirky Chicken Wonton Burger at Rood Dude and we instantly became fans.

The burger buns were bright red in colour, making it one of the most interesting burgers we’d ever tried. The inside was layered with some lettuce, tomatoes and other veggies, along with a generous drizzle of mayonnaise and some tangy sauces and of course, crispy wontons.

The burger had an ideal balance of crunchiness and softness, making it a complete delight!

6. Devil’s Cry Golgappe

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Golgappas are the the perfect snack for all of us any time of the day. Rood Dude takes these roadside dish to a new level by transforming them into a dessert! We tried the Devil’s Cry Golgappe which are chocolate flavoured. Our two beloved things together, what more could we want? The dish comprised six shot glasses filled with yummy chocolate milk and some crunchy chocolate golgappas on top. The golgappas themselves were flavoured and then coated with chocolate and sprinkles. The chocolate milk was a substitute for the spicy water traditionally served with regular golgappas. The dish made for a perfect final item to our adventurous foodie binge at this bistro!

With such crazy concepts and their own unique take on the simplest of dishes, we were truly impressed by this place. Head on over to this cozy bistro for a one-of-a-kind experience. Seeya there!

Where | Rood Dude - Shop No 282/4, Ground Floor, Satya Niketan
Timings | 11 AM - 10:30 PM
Call Them | +91 7982 019 330
Meal For Two | Rs 700
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