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6 Types Of Struggles Every Delhiite Who Travels Via The Yellow Line Can Relate To!


If metro is your daily ride to the office or college, then you know that travelling via the yellow line is almost inevitable unless you’re lucky enough to not have to change metros (we already envy you!). But if you, like us, have been struggling your way through this line, then we’re sure that you will DEFO relate to the list mentioned below. Check it out!

1. We Can Literally Hear "The Next Station Is Rajiv Chowk” In Our Dreams!

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This actually happens guys, we’re not kidding! Most of the people who commute on the yellow line on a daily basis get down or board the metro from Rajiv Chowk because it’s one of the biggest interchanging stations and hence the one thing we’re so used to hearing is ‘next station is Chowk’ that it even haunts our dreams, doesn’t it?

2. It's Always Super Duper Crowded!

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And since the yellow line has two major interchanging stations, the one thing you can always expect is the crowd, loads of it. Be it Central Secretariat or Rajiv Chowk, one can barely see the floor at these stations because all you’re worried about is boarding or deboarding without dying in the stampede!

3. CP Is Just An Interchanging Station & Not Our Fave Hangout Spot Anymore

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Gone are the days (for yellow line travellers) when CP used to be the most favoured hangout destination to chill with our buds as now it’s just Rajiv Chowk, the ever populated interchanging station that takes us back home and to our beloved (sense the sarcasm) office!

4. The Never Ending Walk To Change Metros - The Struggle Is Real!

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Picture Credits:  Shout News

Interchanging stations are good and all but the biggest problem here is the switching of metros. Get down at C Sec or Rajiv Chowk and keep walking for a 100 miles, which includes an endless number of escalators to change levels. We so wish we could just apparate from one train to another, life would’ve been so much easier then!

5. The New Delhi Station Is A NIGHTMARE!

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Picture Credits: kyominjung

You wouldn’t take even an entire second to scream yes when we say that New Delhi station is the worst. It comes right before Rajiv Chowk (the one we’ve been desperately waiting for) and often has tons of people waiting with their humongous suitcases owing to the fact that it is the nearest one to the railway station and folks generally take the metro way back home. All the crowd here does to us is shove us even further back in the already stuffed metro to make space for their ginormous bags!

6. We've Mastered The Art Of Sleeping While Standing (‘Cause Getting A Seat Is A Long Lost Dream)

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Picture Credits: vikas_2689

Travelling in the yellow line most definitely implies catching up on some sleep while hanging on to a pole because finding a seat is quite akin to discovering Atlantis, i.e., IMPOSSIBLE. If you’re a regular commuter of this line then you must have often come across people swinging on the overhead support with their eyes shut and earphones plugged in, yes, they indeed were sleeping!

So, do you agree that the struggle is real?