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6 Things To Clean During This Lockdown That'll Help You Achieve Your Better Self


The 21-day lockdown is well underway and we hope you guys are cozied up safely in your home! Since you have a lot of time to kill, there are so many things you can do, like taking up a hobby or learning new recipes. But how about working on self-improvement and personal growth that’ll benefit you in the long run?

1. Clean Up Your Attitude

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Picture Credits: _angelbedi_

The one thing that defines everything around you is your attitude. Bad days happen every now and then & there’s nothing you can do about it. But if you have a bad attitude, then the situation you’re in spirals out of control. The first step towards cleaning up your attitude is to understand what needs to be fixed, take note of the good things in your life and change the way you look at the situations!

2. Launder Those Negative Mindsets

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It’s not easy to get rid of those negative thoughts circling in your mind, but you have to try! Give a shot to reading, working-out and journaling that’ll keep your mind busy and free from pessimistic thoughts, even if it’s for a while. And if it gets out of control, talk it out. Remember, once you start bottling it up, that’s when the real problem begins. 

3. Wipe Off Self-Hate

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Picture Credits: ohverlee

Practising self-love during these challenging times is as important as eating. Oftentimes, you live a life where you constantly doubt yourself and think you’re not worth it. But the only one who knows your worth is you and only you. So, wipe off the self-hate and give yourself some love!

4. Sweep Away Your Doubts

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Picture Credits: theawkwardyeti

Did you know there’s a wall between you and your inner peace and it’s called doubts? Your mind is constantly at war with you, the doubts it tells you about yourself hold you back and take away your happiness. But there’s a way out - avoid any comparisons and talk to someone about it. Believe us, you’ll succeed!

5. Get Rid Of What Doesn’t Fit

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Get rid of everything that doesn’t fit and serves no purpose any more, be it clothes, shoes or that friend who gives you negative vibes. Once you get rid of the things (or people) that no longer add value to your life, you’ll open doors to happiness and new opportunities!

6. Shove Away That Laziness

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Picture Credits: annie_thewriter

Shoving away procrastination is the only way to achieve your goals. Whenever you’re feeling lazy, break up your tasks, value your time and energy and reframe your thinking. If necessary, sit down and write down how you’re gonna move ahead with your plans, believe us when we say that indolence is only a state of mind that only you can get rid of!

Clean out these things and you’ll come out a happy human!