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6 Stores Selling Santa Hats, Reindeer Horns & LED Balloons Starting @ Rs 15 In Sadar Bazar!



It's that time of the year when you can hear bells jingling, people humming and the world looking just a little bit brighter! With the turning of the season, the festival of gratitude, togetherness and self-reflection has come and it brings with it many memories, resolutions and renewed hope! 
Although Christmas is still a few days away, our excitement is on an all-time high! 

But if it's the Christmas decor and feels that you're worried about - don't fret, a visit to Sadar Bazar will solve all your problems with these 6 shops selling everything merry! All you need to do is reach, see, bargain and get it packed right away. So what are you waiting for? Christmas?  

1. G.R.D Enterprises

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Located on the main road, this one will lure you in with its Christmas decorations that can be spotted a mile away! A huge collection of giant bells and disco balls await you here along with a mixture of Christmas essentials and quirky decorations - this shop is a blessing for the Christmas party shopper! 

You can buy eye-catching hanging decorations or take home a Santa that looks ready to fight with a stick in hand - the choice is yours! Or if you like to keep things simple, stick to the traditional wreaths, bells and balls here and you're good to go. This year, spread the holiday cheer with some decorations and a gathering of your closest friends and family! Cheers!

Where | G.R.D Enterprises - Shop No. 5719, Main Road
Price | Rs 20 Onwards

2. Neeraj Rakhi

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Walk straight from G.R.D and you'll spot this shop, thanks to the huge artificial Christmas trees that are placed right opposite the entryway. A set of Santa in different avatars will greet you at the door and you'll know that you've come to the right place for your eccentric Christmas-theme party! 

A wide range of ornaments and decorations are available here from gift-box ornaments to star hangings and combine that with the wholesale rates here, they truly are like hard-working elves who are making Christmas that much merrier for us! Come drop by and walk away with bulging bags!  

Where | Neeraj Rakhi - Shop No. 5776, Main Road
Price | Rs 20 Onwards

3. Jaina Watch

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With an eye-catching stall, this one is bound to catch your attention even if you’re just a casual passer-by! The stall has most of the Christmas ornaments and decorations that you'll need, but if it's anything special you desire, you'll be redirected to the main shop right beside the stall which houses all the Christmas goodies in bulk. Apart from the usual Christmas-y knick-knacks, you can also get LED balloons here that'll change colours and mesmerize you right away! 

Where | Jaina Watch - Shop No. 6053, Main Road
Price | Rs 15 Onwards

4. National Trading Co.

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With a collection of Christmas tree garlands, swing by here for your all Christmas decor need! It also has unique ornaments like tiny lil red socks that'll make your Christmas tree stand out and add to that the beautiful bells and garlands and you've got yourselves a winner! One can also nail the Christmas look with their endearing headbands featuring miniature-snowmen and reindeer horns - they’re oh so cute! You can also take home Santa or a snowman which is available in various heights if you fancy that! 

Where | National Trading Co. - Shop No. 6104, Bari Market
Price | Rs 15 Onwards

5. Kanha Rakhi Bhandar

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Just a few steps away from Jaina Watch, you'll find this shop selling Christmas supplies on the second floor. With everything merry in store, they've got a wide range of garlands, cute ornaments and fancy decorations for you to drool over. Add to that a plethora of paper star lanterns and delicate snowflake hangings, which will make your place look like that perfect fantasy movie set on a super low budget! 

Where | Kanha Rakhi Bhandar - Shop No. 6057, Main Bazar
Price | Rs 15 Onwards

6. Pindi Rubber Works

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With a 65-year long history of spreading cheer and happiness with their party supplies, Pindi turns especially merry when Christmas comes a-knocking! Located in the Gubbare-Wali Galli right next to Kanha Rakhi Bhandar, this shop has the cutest Christmas supplies from adorable little snowman and reindeer figures to charming little bells and shiny stars. 

From a 5 ft. tall Santa statue in the most royal suit we've ever seen to stunning wreaths that'll certainly add some oomph to your Christmas decor - they’ve got it all. Truly, Christmas shopping has never been easier or merrier! 

Where | Pindi Rubber Works - Shop No. 6108, Bari Market
Price | Rs 30 Onwards

So happy shopping and yeah, Merry Christmas in advance!

These images were clicked by Bhoomika Singh for So Delhi.