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6 Places In Delhi Where You Can Pay & Play A Fun Match Of Badminton With Your Pals!

So Delhi 15 Aug 2019


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Wondering where you can play a nice match of Badminton with your squad where all facilities are available and you won’t have to compromise? Well, look no more, ‘cause keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of the 6 best places in the city where you can pay and play Dwarka Shuttlersbadminton!

1. Dwarka Shuttlers

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The Dwarka Shuttlers is one of the best academies for badminton in the city. This sports facility has 6 synthetic courts with state-of-the-art facilities. If you’re planning on going there for a match sesh, keep in mind that they don’t provide shoes, rackets and shuttles for the players. So if you fancy an evening of fun badminton matches with your gang then you should definitely head over here this weekend!

Where | Dwarka Shuttlers - 30, Block B, Sector 23, Dwarka
Price | Rs 500 (Per Hour)
Timings | 6 AM - 10 PM
Call Them | +91  8810 360 944
Check Out Their FB Page |

2. FLOW Sports Life

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FLOW Sports Life is a state-of-the-art badminton coaching academy in Gurgaon with 6 indoor courts. The academy provides competitive badminton coaching and training programs. Whether you wish to play for leisure, train, meet other sports enthusiasts with shared interests or get fit while enjoying the sport, Flow is the place for everyone!

Where | FLOW Sports Life - Vipul Greens Internal Road, Vipul World, Sector 48, Gurgaon
Price | Rs 4,360 (Per Month)
Timings | 5 AM - 11 PM
Call Them | +91 8510 028 888
Check Out Their FB Page |
Here’s Their Website |

3. InfinityS

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If you and your pals wanna revisit your glory days of school and plan to spend a day enjoying a nostalgic match of badminton then InfinityS is the place to be. Their pay and play service lets you sharpen your badminton skills while having fun at the same time. They have many facilities including 5 wooden courts and a multigym for the players to warm up. So, when in Gurgaon, do drop by!

Where | InfinityS - Sheetla Mata Road, Gurgaon
Price | Rs 500 (Per Hour)
Timings | 5 AM - 10 PM
Call Them | +91 8319 509 156
Check Out Their FB Page |

4. Smashtress

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Smashtress is a sports complex which promises to bring back your memories through games and revive your youthfulness. They offer a lot of services including sports venues for practice like courts, grounds, changing rooms and more, sports-themed events, tournaments and lots more. Tug your entire gang to this awesome place and dazzle them with your smashes on the court!

Where | Smashtress - SG-138, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad
Price | Rs 400  (Per Hour)
Timings | 5 AM - 4 PM
Call them | +91 9654 639 225
Check Out Their FB Page |
Here’s Their Website |

5. DDA Squash And Badminton Stadium

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Picture Credits: Roshan Santhosh

Built during the Commonwealth Games, this DDA squash & badminton stadium is perfect for people that want to practice their skills at both the sports. The facility provides the guidance of many super-experienced professionals. The added bonus is that for a 40 mins session, this place is pretty affordable as well. So whenever you feel like it, bring along your pals here and sweat it out on the court!

Where | DDA Squash And Badminton Stadium - Siri Fort Sports Complex, Siri Fort Road
Price | Rs 140 (40 Mins)
Timings | 6 AM - 9 PM
Call Them | +91 11 2649 7482
Check Out Their Website |

6. Spuddy Badminton Club

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The Spuddy Badminton Club has been formed with the objective to provide the perfect platform for upcoming badminton players in the city. They have top-notch indoor badminton courts, coupled with world-class facilities for the players of all ages and all levels. They promote the idea of badminton as a sport for improving fitness and keeping the body charged and active while advising their players. Do check them out!

Where | Spuddy Badminton Club - Gurgaon, Ghaziabad & Noida
Price | Rs 200 Onwards  (Per Hour)
Timings | 5 AM - 11:30 PM
Call Them | +91 9870 355 401 & +91 8006 558 556
Check Out Their FB Page |
Here’s Their Website |

So get your racquets out, call up your squad and head over to any of these cool courts for a friendly match!