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6 Pack Momos is Gonna Launch 20-25 Momo Carts All Over Delhi NCR!



All you momos lovers, no need to cry about not getting yummy ones near your house - 6 Pack Momos is here to save the day! So 6 Pack Momos will be introducing 20-25 momo carts all across Delhi/NCR dishing up delicious momos.

6 Pack Momos’ cart has a menu which gives the customer 250 different ways to customise their order! Omg. From fillings to sub fillings, dips, gravy and preparations, they’ve got all the options for you to pick and choose. Choices from vegetarian to chicken, gravies like butter chicken - they’ve really got some crazy amazing options!

They’re about to launch their carts all over Delhi super soon, and we can’t wait to go try their momos out! 

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