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6 Insta-Worthy Places In Gurgaon That Are Perfect For A Stunning Photo Shoot



Disclaimer: Bearing in mind the current health crisis befalling the city and the world at large, we're tweaking our content policy and recommendations. Stay positive, keep hygiene levels up and don't fall prey to panic and misinformation.

Is your Instagram feed a little less aesthetic than what you’d like it to be? Have you had enough with the quarantine, cooking and Dalgona coffee? Well, it is only sane that you now pick out your party clothes and turn the mood around with just the perfect spots near you for a fantastic photoshoot! So, give yourself and your followers the content they have been waiting for and dive right in our top picks. 

1. 32nd Avenue

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Picture Credits: ashishsingh0108

All your travel instincts have been put to rest because of the pandemic, and we have been mourning its loss as much as you have. 32nd Avenue is an excellent place to get clicked because of the gorgeous lighting and decor all over and all the extraordinary interiors that come along. So thank your stars and head over for a fun photoshoot!

Where | 32nd Avenue - NH 8, Sector 15, Part II

2. Aravalli Biodiversity Park

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Picture Credits: diaries_of_a_wanderlust

The nature enthusiast in you is calling, and we can’t help but listen to it and tell you all about what to do. With its hustle and bustle, the city takes out most of the fun from our lives what with travelling from home to work and back. Aravalli Biodiversity Park is the perfect answer to this question. With an enthralling experience of flora and fauna just around the city, this is the ideal place to get clicked at and have a rich biodiversity experience as well. So bring your camera’s along and get clicking. 

Where | Aravalli Biodiversity Park - Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Near Guru Dronacharya Metro Station, DLF Phase III, Sector 24

3. Leisure Valley

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Picture Credits: Bewitchingescapades ,  apratimclicks

Well, the name says it all for us. A family picnic in the lush green gardens’ backdrop, very close to the city as you click away at the spectacular scenery sounds like a plan to us. Take your family on a fun and relaxing day out to this beautiful valley amidst nature and greenery, and click those fab pictures for your Instagram feed!

Where | Leisure Valley -  Leisure Valley Road, Sector 29

4. Sultanpur National Park

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Picture Credits: krusader_photography

Here’s another place on our list that you’ll surely fall in love with. Plan an entire day at the Sultanpur National Park and breath in the fresh, clean air here. A perfect place to get your creative juices flowing, strike a pose, bring along your friends and shoot away to your heart’s content. Get ready for a day with all things fun and a spectacular backdrop for those Oh-so-stunning pictures!

Where | Sultanpur National Park - Farukh Nagar Road, Sultanpur

5. Kingdom Of Dreams 

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Picture Credits: manju_rai

When we think of Kingdom Of Dreams, only one-word comes on our mind, which is beautiful. The lights, the drama, the cultural extravaganza at KOD is just part of its charm. Built with architectural finesse and a view that is no less than a film set, this location is perfect for your next photoshoot spree. The Culture Gully represents traditions from all over the country, so if you're looking for new ideas and backgrounds to alleviate the level of your photo content quality with stunning lighting and larger than life scenic beauty, this is the perfect match for you!

Where | Kingdom Of Dreams - Auditorium Complex, Near IFFCO Metro Station, Sector 29

6. Damdama Lake 

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Picture Credits: Manish Sehgal

Sunsets with a splash of orange, yellow and red are the most splendid images to capture in any photoshoot. When we think of sunset and a lake together, our heart’s just light up as we imagine the incredible scenery. Damdama Lake is just what you’re looking for if bathing in the sunset beside a lake is your idea of an outing. And pretty pictures are a much welcome bonus! So head here and revel in the beauty and serenity that this place exudes! 

Where | Damdama Lake - Alwar Highway

These are our top picks for a beautiful photoshoot near you, and there are many more places like the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, breweries and clubs. So, whip out your cameras and explore!