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6 Incredible Reasons to Visit Hip & Happening Noida

So Delhi 5 Apr 2018


For all you Delhiites who have treated Noida as the little-wanted stepbrother, Noida is in the mood for some sweet revenge! It's turning out to be one of the most happening and well-planned areas of NCR and you might as well plan your next weekend hopping around and basking in its glory! Read on to find out what's hip & happening on the other end of your town. 

1. DLF Mall Of India

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Rs 1,800 crores of investment and what we have is probably the biggest mall of India! All high-end brands are going crazy over opening their fashionable outlets here. It is also the country's first 'zoned' destination mall modeled across five dedicated zones: Marketplace, International Boulevard, The High Street, Family World and Leisure Land. This mall is here to change the way leisure and entertainment is perceived!

Address | In Sector 18

2. PVR Superplex

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PVR's just made a really big move and launched a 15-screen 'Superplex' at the Logix City Centre Mall in Noida. It's one of the biggest properties they'll have in town and we're talking about some big-ass halls! This superplex would have five different kinds of cinemas including IMAX, Gold Class, Premiere, 4DX and Playhouse (wow!). The most fascinating one here has to be the Playhouse which is a colorful cinema tailor-made for kids! You have to check this one out.

Address | Logix City Centre Mall, Sector 32

3. Ski India Snow Park

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Picture Credits: Travel Flat

Touted as Asia’s largest indoor Sci-fi based Snow Park, this is an ice skating rink, a disco and a snow pub all in one ( yeah, you read that right)! With a floor area of 60,000 sq. ft and an auditorium with a seating capacity of 800 people, it's one of the biggest commercial parks in India besides the perfect way to cool off during Delhi's sweltering heat. So who's in the mood to break a leg?! 

Location | DLF Mall of India, Sector 18

4. Film City

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Picture Credits: Rahul Chauhan

You should totally be loitering here if you're in love with the media and entertainment industry! Noida Film City is a hub for major news channels and studios and it houses channels like Zee News, NDTV, TV Today group, CNN-IBN, CNBC and News X, [INDIA TV].  Chances are you will also bump into a TV star or even a Bollywood biggie for the film and video studio has been into some serious production and has already crossed over 4,000 TV episodes and over 100 films. So, this should probably the place you should drop by next!

Address | In Sector 16A

5. Worlds of Wonder

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A day spent at  W.O.W (Worlds of Wonder) is probably going to be the biggest wow moment of your life! This amusement park values the well-being of adventure enthusiasts, bored school kids and exhausted parents highly. Apart from housing innumerable thrilling rides like Big Beat, Feedback, Fast Forward and Mega Disco it also offers Paintball, Go-Karting, Water Rides and Air Hockey besides plenty of food options. A great place to while away those long summer vacations!

Address | In Sector 38

6. Amazing Restaurants & Cafes

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Noida has a wide array of pretty and cozy restaurants whose interiors are perfect enough for that duck faced selfie and food so delicious that it brings out the latent Joey Tribbiani in you! Chinese at Bento Cafe, Pan Asian at Mamagoto or Steamed Fish With Chilly Oyster Sauce at Imperfecto, it's totally your call but do explore the world of food in Noida - there's no reason to go anywhere else!