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6 Dishes Like Mexican Masala Papad Cheese Vale & Chinese Aloo We Tried @ Pehli Bar, Naraina

Ilona Dam 14 May 2018


Picture this. You’re planning a get together with your pals and everyone’s excitedly messaging on your Whatsapp group. Everything is set but the only hurdle - deciding on a place to hangout at! Even after a long and confusing chat, you guys end up with nothing (#FML). 

We all have gone through this frustrating situation and we’re here to put an end to it! Tucked away in Naraina, near Pearl Academy is an amazing place called Pehli Bar (yep, that’s the name!) and we recently went to check out this place and here’s what we tried. 

1. Cosmopolitan

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When it comes to a get together of friends after ages, we’d always prefer some alcohol to be on the table! And what can be better than a glass of Cosmopolitan in our hands as we happily catch up with our gang and bitch about our deadlines. *Giggles!* Perfectly blended and heavenly in taste, we’d give a ten on ten to this boozy concoction! 

Price | Rs 229

2. Chinese Aloo

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Our beloved chilli potatoes were cutely named Chinese Aloo here! And presenting our student life staple food in a pan, the taste took us right back to those good ‘ol college days, when bunking classes was all about hitting the canteen for hogging on this yummy delight. Neither too spicy, nor too sweet, their Chinese Aloo not only managed to impress us with its humorous name but also its scrummy taste and presentation.  

Price | Rs 210

3. Mexican Masala Papad Cheese Vale

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We probably couldn’t have drunk our hearts away without some chakna, now could we? So we ordered up our all time fave and multipurpose snack- nachos. And here, this Mexican Masala Papad Cheese Vale came with just the right amount of cheese to give us a foodgasm! Paired up with our yummy Cosmo, this was really the best overture to our food trail here! Thumbs up to their presentation as well as taste!  

Price | Rs 100

4. Swargiya Chicken

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Okay, we’re loving the humorous dish names here! Christening our very own drums of heaven as Swargiya Chicken, these guys made us fall in love with this dish all over again. The dish was as ah-mazing as its funky name. With some delish gravy poured over soft and juicy chicken, it was by far our fave dish here!  

Price | Rs 245

5. Ghulmil Ghulmil Anda

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Don’t give that quizzical look people, it’s just our fave brekkie option egg bhurji. But this ain’t no regular joe egg bhurji peeps, it has a special, unexplained magic to it that makes you wanna have it all! No kidding! With a cherry tomato on top, this dish is just what you need to order if you’re dropping by to this place for a Sunday brunch with your squad.

Price | Rs 110

6. Warm Chocolate Brownie With Ice Cream 

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And to mark the final showdown of our excellent food trail, we decided to go for the kickass combination of brownie with ice cream. And boy, were we satisfied! We think there couldn’t possibly have been a better way to end our meal than this! Also, full marks to presentation and an extra mark for good taste *wide grins*! 

Price | Rs 160

With nice, colourful decor and pocket-friendly prices, Pehli Bar should no doubt be on the top of your lists the next time you’re flooded with Whatsapp messages on your friends’ group with no idea where to head to!  

Where | Pehli Bar - Plot 6, G1-G3, PVR Payal Cinema Complex, Naraina
Timings | 11:30 AM - 1 AM
Call Them | +91 9540 166 666
Check Out Their FB Page |