Located in the bylanes of Karkardooma, Shiv Tikki Wala offers a wide variety of street food delicacies at pretty reasonable prices. The menu here spans across options like the much-loved Bun Tikki to unusual ones like Tawa Mushrooms. Here’s the 6 yummies we tried (and loved) here!

1. Bun Tikki

Aloo tikki, paneer, onions, lots of pepper and spices is what comprises the totally delicious Bun Tikki served here. Unlike regular aloo tikkis found in the city, this one is much softer and definitely a must try, especially when paired with their Meethi Chutney!

Price | Rs 60

2. Aloo Chaat

This one comes deliciously loaded with masala to the core! The Aloo Chaat served at Shiv Tikki Wala is spicy and garnished with coconut strips. If you fancy yourself as a spicy food lover, then this one’s your best bet here!

Price | Rs 60

3. Kathi Kebab

Served with Butter Rumali Rotis, this one should be definitely on your must-try list here at Shiv Tikki Wala! An absolutely scrummy dish and unlike the usual rolls you find, this one is served with lots of gravy and is priced at Rs 80, which is fairly decent considering the quantity offered.

Price | Rs 80 (Half Plate) & Rs 130 (Full Plate)

4. Pudina Chaap

This dish just blew us away TBH! Loaded with tangy pudina flavours, the chaap was juicy and satisfying to the core. When you find yourself here, not ordering this dish would be a sin in our book, so defo try this one!

Price | Rs 80 (Half Plate) & Rs 130 (Full Plate)

5. Stuffed Chaap

This unique dish is served with a stick and comes stuffed with soft paneer pieces and green peas and defo makes for quite the filling chaap snack for those post-work hunger pangs you just can’t seem to shake off!

Price | Rs 80 (Half Plate) & Rs 130 (Full Plate)

6. Tawa Mushroom

Perhaps the tastiest of the lot, the Tawa Mushroom is served with a delicious thick spicy gravy with the mushrooms finely blended in. Served with their patent Butter Rumali Rotis, this one stole our hearts here!

Price | Rs 80 (Half Plate) & Rs 130 (Full Plate)

Definitely a foodie hotspot in Karkardooma, Shiv Tikki Wala should absolutely be on your must-go-try list, so come on by!

Timings | 4:30 - 11:30 PM
Where | Shiv Tikki Wala - Ground Floor, Parmesh Tower, Karkardooma Community Centre, Karkardooma