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6 Days, 12 Movies & 50% Cashback: It's PVR Director’s Cut’s 6th Anniv. & They're Spreading Cheer!



PVR’s luxurious theatre, Director’s Cut is celebrating its 6th anniversary for the next 6 days and it’s going to be awesome! They’ll be screening some insanely good movies throughout these six days with two screenings a day and we can’t wait! Here’s everything you need to know about PVR Director’s Cut’s 6th Anniversary celebration:

12 Blockbuster Movies That You Can’t Miss!

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Starting Friday the 13th (yes, this is going to be a spooky month!), PVR Director’s Cut will be screening two brilliant Hollywood blockbusters every single day for 6 whole days. Don’t worry, we’ve got the key information you need and the list of movies to be screened. Here goes:

The Wolf Of Wall Street – One hell of a performance by Leonardo DiCaprio! If you haven’t seen this Scorsese marvel then this is your chance to enjoy it in one of the best theatres in town!

Miss Sloane – A political thriller about the most formidable lobbyist in D.C, this dramatic movie and the cinematic experience that PVR’s seven-star property offers, form the best combination!

The Salesman – This Oscar winning movie about a young couple facing house rental trouble in Tehran is the kind of drama film you must watch if only to be exposed to a whole different world and reality than the one you live in!

Moonlight – The acclaimed winner of three Academy Awards, this coming-of-age drama gives you unique insights about crucial circumstances one must be faced with in life. Definitely not to be missed, this one!

Bridge Of Spies – Steven Spielberg’s historical drama/thriller will take you back to the time of the Cold War and keep you at the edge of your supremely comfortable seats at the exquisite Director’s Cut *wink wink*.

I, Daniel Blake – This heart-touching drama revolves around an ill carpenter struggling to get medical aid from the State, making chilling political arguments that’ll keep you thinking long after the credits have rolled.

Prisoners – An emotionally gruelling American thriller that captures the desperation of a parent whose child has been kidnapped, handpicked by PVR Director’s Cut to give you a thrilling experience.

Life, Animated – An absolutely heart-warming documentary about an autistic boy who relies on Disney movies to develop his life skills. This one will surely touch your heart and force you to look at autism differently.

Imitation Game – This biography about British mathematician Alan Turing trying to crack Enigma (the Nazis’ legendary encrypting machine) codes by building a machine that gets him into trouble is the thriller-cum-history lesson you need!

Nebraska – A comedy about an alcoholic father who believes he has won a lottery and travels to Nebraska with his son is the hilarious movie PVR Director’s Cut has picked for its anniversary.

Amy – Amy Winehouse’s life in a movie is something you must watch, and Director’s Cut is sure to take this cinematic experience of an Oscar winning movie to another level for you! Already intrigued? We are too!

12 Years A Slave ­– An Oscar winning period drama film about a free black man being kidnapped into slavery will build a compelling connection with you, not to mention earn you bragging rights for having experienced this revolutionary movie! 

A Whopping 50% Cashback & Screenings In Two Other Theatres

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Black, Gold, and Sapphire tier members are eligible for an insane 50% cashback on transactions made with their privilege cards. Now how cool is that? Don’t you wish you were a PVR member now? Moreover, for those who aren’t too enthusiastic about burning a hole in their pockets, you can even head over to select PVR Gold Class theatres in the city, including the ones at Select CITYWALK, Saket and Ambience, Gurgaon to catch these flicks.

Did You Know PVR Has An On-Demand Screening Service?

PVR’s on demand screening service, Vkaoo, allows you to book a theatre of your choice to screen a movie that is no longer being showcased in the theatres on a day of your choice, provided you book the minimum required number of seats! Isn’t that simply awesome? Now you can finally host your own private screenings!

We’re super excited for this Hollywood extravaganza and will definitely try to attend as many screenings as possible, being the absolute movies buffs that we are! Come on, you cinephiles, this is an international movie festival of sorts taking place in your very own Dilli! 

When | Friday - Wednesday, 13th - 18th October
Where | PVR Director’s Cut, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj
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