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9 Cringe-Worthy Series Online That You Should Definitely Skip

Akriti Bedi 18 Feb 2022


Has a show made you recoil with disgust because of its absurdity? Are you guilty of watching a show that left you redfaced with mortification, but you still finished the series because it was addictive? Here are six shows that will make you cringe from second-hand embarrassment, right from the get-go, so steer clear! (or watch them secretly and pretend you haven’t - whatever floats your boat, mate!)

1. Indian Matchmaking

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Picture Credits: imdb

This one definitely takes the first spot on this list just because of ‘matchmaker’ Seema Taparia from Mumbai. For those of you still living under a rock and have no clue, we would like to emphasize that Seema Taparia IS from Mumbai! Okay, all jokes aside, this series though innately cringy and regressive in thought, perfectly depicts the realities of our modern-day society and presents arranged marriage, as the ‘modern-yet-traditional’ Tinder. It’s a much-needed slap to the thought that however much the society progresses, marriage will always be a ‘compromise’ for women.

Don’t Watch Online Here | Indian Matchmaking

2. Love Is Blind 

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This show took its name quite literally by implementing a social experiment wherein single men and women were brought into an enclosed space, cut-off from the outside world and made to interact with others of the opposite gender. The catch - the interactions were limited to each pair sitting opposite each other, separated by a wall. The only way they could look at each other was if they fell for one another and decided to propose (Can’t go second-guessing this nonsense, with the prospect of marriage in mind). Well, there you have it, this show is ‘cringe’ at its finest. 

Don’t Watch Online Here | Love Is Blind

3. Too Hot To Handle

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The concept for this show alone is enough to have you flinching with unease, add to it the extremely dumbed-down performance of the cast and we have with us a recipe for disaster. With horrible narration, the show aims to lock up ‘sexy’ individuals in ‘paradise’ and the only way they can win the cash price is if they control their desires. How difficult can that be? VERY, from the looks of how the show progresses. If you don’t want to kill some brain cells, this show is a definite no-no. 

Don’t Watch Online Here | Too Hot To Handle

4. What The Love! With Karan Johar

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Picture Credits: sunnyleoneig

Ever wondered what getting love therapy from Karan Johar would look like? Well, this show is a prime example of just that! Karan Johar with the help of a ‘glam squad’ and celebrity guests, plays cupid to six single millennials looking to find love while tackling personal biases and troubles. The irony with this show is that though it preaches self-love and inclusion of minorities like LGBTQ+, KJo along with the ‘glam squad’ don’t show an ounce of sensitivity or respect for those in the room. Don’t waste your time on this one, folks!  

Don’t Watch Online Here | What The Love! With Karan Johar

5. Dating Around

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Picture Credits: imdb

Okay, this one isn’t ALL bad. Though yet another dating show, this reality show is shot beautifully with aesthetic visuals. Fine, that might just be its ONLY saving grace. The show follows one single person, who goes on five first dates and at the end must pick one of them to take on a second date. The cringe factor comes in the form of awkward flirting, ridiculous conversations and fake sets that will send you reeling with second-hand embarrassment. This show will bring you no joy, so skip it!

Don’t Watch Online Here | Dating Around

6. Three Wives One Husband

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Picture Credits: imdb

This series is as absurd as it can get. It’s a mini-series that documents the lives of 14 polyamorous Mormon families living in the Utah Desert with their numerous wives termed as #1, #2, #3… and their innumerable (read: a gazillion) children. You soon learn that the only people making a sacrifice in this community are the women and with every episode, the show throws something even more WTF at you. So if you’re okay with the concept of polygamy, and seeing miserable women put up a front of being happy because they think that their husbands are gods, then watch on!

Don’t Watch Online Here | Three Wives One Husband

7. Bling Empire

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Picture Credits: imdb

A real-life adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians, Bling Empire is another cringe-worthy show. It is eight episodes long and offers an insight into the lives of wealthy East Asian and East Asian-American socialites based in everyone’s dream city, Los Angeles. This series is outrightly obscene for it portrays a flashy life with all things glitter which is absolutely not the case in reality but if you’re someone who likes to be in a delusionary world, then go ahead, binge on this cringe AF series!

Don’t Watch Online Here | Bling Empire

8. Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives 

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Picture Credits: neelamkotharisoni

If The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills wasn’t enough, Netflix threw another disaster right at us named Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives. Starring Maheep Kapoor, Seema Khan, Bhavna Pandey and Neelam Kothari, this series is all about portraying their fancy, luxurious life and their age-old friendship. It just goes on to showcase the leisurely life they’re living and do we want to watch it and feel miserable or crib about our lives not being the same? No way. They really need to stop with these cringe series and get us something more real, don’t you think so too?

Don’t Watch Online Here | Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives

9. The Circle

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Picture Credits: thecirclenetflix

The plot of this series will drive you crazy with its weirdness. A couple of contestants move into an apartment but they aren’t allowed to meet their fellow participants. There is a uniquely designed social media app that serves to be the only mode of communication between them, what even?! They’re supposed to create their own identities and all of them are to rate each other. The person with the lowest rating is eliminated and the one with the highest grabs a whopping prize of $100,000. Well, this absurd series cannot lure us, can it?

Don’t Watch Online Here | The Circle

Guys, the cringe is real! So, save your time and read a book instead!