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Best Places In NFC To Order Food In From When You Don't Wanna Venture Out In The Sweltering Heat!

Chhavi 22 Sept 2023


Now that we've become so used to never leaving our houses, the charm of ordering good food has increased tenfold! Occasion or no occasion, we always look forward to ordering in yummy delights, and if you're from or live near NFC, you ought to try out food from these delivery places!

1. Ambersar By Enoki

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Picture Credits: akanksharedhu

If you thought Enoki could only wow you with their absolutely out-of-the-park Asian food, you thought wrong! Ambersar By Enoki is a delivery-only outlet that delivers in many parts of Delhi, including NFC too. So hurry up and order the lip-smacking Ambersari Dal Bhukhara, Ambersari Butter Chicken, Ambersari Tandoori Chicken, Ambersari Phirni, and much more for a delightful feast at home! 

Where | Ambersar By Enoki - 15, Tribhuvan Complex, Ishwar Nagar, Mathura Road
Meal For Two | Rs 1,000
Call Them | +91 9817 175 050

2. Angels In My Kitchen

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Picture Credits: aditi_dhingra

Ah, if you haven’t heard of Angels In My Kitchen already, you’re surely living under a rock. This li’l bakery has made quite a name for itself in Delhi’s food circuit and is perf if your sweet tooth is itching for a toothsome treat. Some of their pretty AF & drool-worthy cakes you can try are Mocha Cake, Caramel Nut Cake, Belgian Evasion Cake, and more. Y’all can also try buns, brownies, breads, and more here. 

Where | Angels In My Kitchen - Shop 23, LSD, C Block Market
Meal For Two | Rs 400
Call Them | +91 8130 606 676

3. Al-Bake

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Picture Credits: india_eat_mania

People from all other localities of Delhi are envious of the people who stay in or near NFC for just one major reason - the OG Al Bake! The king of shawarmas AKA Al-Bake is in NFC and if you don’t feel like venturing out in this sweltering heat, then you can always order in. So, what’s stopping you from ordering up Al Bake Fried Chicken, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and of course, shawarma from Al Bake?

Where | Al-Bake - Shop 21-23, Community Centre
Meal For Two | Rs 550
Call Them | +91 9319 929 775

4. Annie's - Kerala Kitchen

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Picture Credits: shad hasan

Annie’s is a quite popular restaurant in NFC that offers both dine-in and delivery. If you wanna taste authentic and mouth-watering Keralite food, Annie’s is perfect for you! People love their spicy and absolutely delicious dishes and some of them that you can’t miss out on including in your ‘to-eat’ list is Malabar Chicken Biryani, Pothu Roast, Kerala Parotta, Malabar Chicken Curry and more. 

Where | Annie's - Kerala Kitchen - 88, Sarai Jullena, Opposite Escorts Hospital
Meal For Two | Rs 500
Call Them | +91 8800 496 682

5. Nirula's

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Picture Credits: bingepleasee

Summer is barely even here and the heat is already crazy, but thank god we can now have Nirula’s Hot Chocolate Fudge! This Hot Chocolate Fudge has been the silver lining for Delhi’s barely bearable heat for years now, which is why Nirula’s is still a trustworthy and high-quality food chain we can always rely on. Some of their yummilicious dishes y’all can count on include Fiery Bird Burger, Mutton Keema Do Pyaaza Pizza, Mutton Chop, and more. 

Where | Nirula's - Shop 4, D-851
Meal For Two | Rs 500
Call Them | +91 8448 489 943
Order Online Here |

6. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

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Picture Credits: bluetokaicoffee

‘Tis the season to devour down unlimited cold coffees & cold brews again and what better place for it than our very own Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters? Blue Tokai has our whole heart when it comes to delectable coffee and if you’re craving some then go ahead and order up from the delivery only outlet of Blue Tokai in NFC. Some dishes you can’t go wrong with here include Iced Cappuccino, Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee, Spiced Chicken And Hummus Sandwich, Banana Date And Walnut Bread and more. 

Where | Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters - Community Centre, Pebble Street 8
Meal For Two | Rs 1,100
Call Them | +91 9205 860 808

7. Shades Cafes ISTRO

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Wanna have delicious food but don’t wanna go out in all this heat, then order from Shades Cafes Istro for a wholesome scrumptious meal. Try out dishes such Lebanese Chicken Shawarma Roll, Chilly Paneer Bowl and Drums Of Heaven just to name a few. So, put on your fave movie and order in!

Where | Shades Cafes ISTRO - 1st Floor, The India Mall, Community Centre
Meal For Two | Rs 850
Call Them | +91 8368 931 312

8. Pebble Street NFC 

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The scorching heat just makes us want to curl up in our bed with the AC on and just binge watch our fave TV Shows, right? And if you are craving your comfort food, then hit up Pebble Street NFC for a delicious meal. Order in scrummy nummies such as fajitas, pastas, burrito bowls, pizzas, burgers and SO much more! So, what are you waiting for? Order yours right away!

Where | Pebble Street NFC - 8, Community Center, New Friends Colony
Meal For Two |  Rs 2,000
Call Them | +91 8800 249 975

So, whatcha waiting for? Go ahead and order up!