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6 100-Ft. Long Acupressure Footpaths Installed In Saket, GK I & Other Areas, With More To Come



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There are a plethora of gyms and fitness centres all around us, but nothing can beat the fun of talking a long walk in a park! But concretised or tiled walkways can cause harm to people’s knees and joints, especially for elderly people. And it looks like there’s a solution! Keep reading to find out!

A Walk To Remember | The SDMC is experimenting with walking tracks in parks and these guys have selected around 15 parks where they’re gonna place acupressure walking tracks, clay tracks and rubber tracks to make walking a relaxing experience for everybody! Isn’t that super cool?

It’s being said that concrete walkways can lead to pain in joints and knees, which is why special tracks will be laid, made of polished river stones and rubber mixture. Six 100-feet long acupressure footpaths have already been installed in places like Saket, Chirag Delhi, Green Park and more. According to the SDMC, these innovative footpaths will help regulate blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Nice!

You can also find signboards with the approximate amount of calories burnt on different walking speeds, like a leisurely walk (5 kmph), purposeful walk (6.5 kmph) and brisk walk (10 kmph). The rubberised tracks that are currently placed in N Block, GK I, will prove beneficial in reducing joint pains.

We’re quite impressed by these new and innovative walkways that are soon gonna become a part of our morning walks! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India