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50 Women Police Squads Will Be Patrolling All Over Delhi To Make Holi Safer For The Ladies



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Hello ladies! We just got word that the Delhi Police has taken an initiative to ensure there is ample security for y’all this Holi - read on to know more about this.

50 Woman Squads Patrolling The City | Delhi Police has formed 50 women squads who will be patrolling the city this Holi to ensure better security and to curb hooliganism in the name of celebrations! Did we tell you that a ban has also been introduced on the sale of balloons larger than two inches once inflated? Yep. This will ensure that the harassment that took place last year doesn’t happen again, which is awesome!

Overall, 30,000 police personnel will be deployed in the capital city, making sure that the festival of colours remains merry. Delhi Police has identified 34 sensitive areas frequented by women and have deployed extra police officers in the North Campus area, especially near the hostels.

Teams with alcometers (devices used to measure alcohol content on the breath) have been deployed at major intersections as well, so drive safe and have a happy Holi, peeps!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times