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Escape The City's Hustle-Bustle To Discover The Enchanting Lush Green Forests In And Around Delhi!

Mehek Sharma 25 Aug 2023


Life in Delhi is full of contradictions, a city where soaring skyscrapers touch the clouds while tucked within its lanes are enclaves of untouched wilderness. It’s a place where urbanity and nature intertwine in the most mesmerising dance. For those seeking outdoor escapades with their beloved or some tranquil me time, skim through this list of handpicked enchanting lush, green havens in and around Delhi. Each is a place of beauty, a symphony of magic, waiting to elevate your days with the allure of the woodlands.

1) Sanjay Van

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Picture Credits: rohit_002233

Situated near Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli and spread over 443 vast acres, the forest is a birdwatcher’s paradise as it is home to numerous resident and visiting birds like the Asian Koel, White-Throated Kingfisher and Jacobin Cuckoo, in addition to the golden jackals and butterflies, which you’ll find plenty of here! Come swing by with a good book in tow on a sunny afternoon!

Where | Sanjay Van -  Mehrauli, Lakhi Nath Kuti, Adchini
Entry | Free 

2) Northern Ridge

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Picture Credits: baba_yaga_099

Adjacent to the North Campus, and part of the Kamla Nehru Ridge, the Northern Ridge spreads across 87 acres. Apparently inspired by London’s Hyde Park, the ridge encompasses several significant monuments from the 1857 revolt. One can spot various rare birds atop Sheesham and Mahua trees, so hop over for a nice picnic date with bae here!

Where | Northern Ridge - Chauburja Marg, Kamla Nehru Ridge, Civil Lines
Entry | Free 

3) Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

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Picture Credits: hatsoffphotography

Part of the Northern Aravalli Leopard Wildlife Corridor, this wildlife refuge is located all along the Delhi, Faridabad and Gurgaon interstate border. It’s home to more than 190 rare and endangered bird species, like the Black Francolin and the Grey-headed Fish Eagle, and is an important habitat for the Indian Leopard and the Blackbuck. The Wildlife Sanctuary also has a vulture conservation program in place, and the Red-Headed Vulture and the Egyptian Vulture can be spotted here, so definitely come check this place out!

Where | Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary - Shooting Range Rd, Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, Tughlakabad
Entry | Rs 100 

4) Jahanpanah City Forest

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Picture Credits: hainglachele

Spread across 445 acres and nestled close to the areas of GK, Tughlakabad Extension and Chirag Delhi, among others, the Jahanpanah City Forest is well known for its jogging trails. With well-maintained flora and helpful markers to assist joggers, the forest is also home to peacocks and antelopes. Gather the gang and head over for a few hours to escape the city!

Where | Jahanpanah City Forest - Greater Kailash, Chirag Delhi
Entry | Free

5) Mangar Bani

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Picture Credits: sanctuarynaturefoundation

Mangar Bani, situated in Faridabad, is one of the last remaining natural tropical forests in the Aravallis. Stretching from Sariska Tiger Reserve to the NCR, it is home to leopards and wild eagles, in addition to the Dhau tree. Other attractions include the Gudariya Das Baba temple, which lends the grove its sacred status and the Lulu Lake. Scamper over for some me-time here soon!

Where | Mangar Bani - Mangar, Faridabad
Entry | Free

6. Southern Ridge Forest/ Tughlaqabad Ridge Forest

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Picture Credit : at_delhi

Nestled in a sprawling 6,200-hectare stretch, the Southern Ridge Forest is a green haven that is not only the home to the renowned Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary but also boasts a variety of 193 bird species and a myriad of plant varieties. You can visit this forest to escape the urban clamour and enjoy an oasis of serenity. Visitors can dive into nature's embrace fully, being in close vicinity with a kaleidoscope of butterflies and an array of creatures such as the elegant blackbuck, the enigmatic porcupine, spirited jackals, and the elusive naped hare.

Where |  Southern Ridge Forest/ Tughlaqabad Ridge Forest - Sardar Patel Marg

7. Rajokri Protected Forest 

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Scattered amidst small fields and villages, Rajokri is a precious sanctuary that reveals an entirely different facet of the bustling city of Delhi. When seeking solace and serenity, this region offers the perfect escape, soothing your soul with its lush greenery and melodious chirping birds.

Where | Rajokri Protected Forest- Rajokri

So, don’t forget to pack some delicious food and soak in the gorgeous Delhi ki dhoop when you head there!