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5 Things that are So Exquisite about Water Born in the Himalayas

We’ve all seen (and taken gulps of) the superbly packaged, and perfectly-sized water bottles of uber-chic and swanky Himalayan Water. But did you know that it took about 20 years gathering the pristine snow of the Himalayas and then distilling that sublime elixir into that beautiful pink-capped bottle in your hand right now? Whew! Live Natural is what they preach and pure natural goodness is exactly what it  delivers. Read on to know more about the most unusual facts about the most sought-after, exclusive brand of Natural Mineral Water.

1. The Root of the Bottle

Like we said, Himalayan Water trawls through layers and layers of rock, sand and clay to be naturally filtered, making it the pioneer in source mineral waters. It slowly percolates through the pristine Shivalik range in the Majestic Himalayans and the water is preciously collected in an underground moving stream aquifer in the lap of the mountains and is directly bottled at a plant in Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh just as nature intended it to be – crisp from the source - just perfect for that uber-fit lifestyle you’ve adopted.

2. Drenched in Minerals - Literally

The part we adore most about our bottle of Himalayan is that unlike other brands, who process their water several times, stripping away the essential minerals our body craves along with the harmful bacteria, Himalayan Water truly lives their motto of ‘Living Natural’. How, you ask? How about if we tell you that Himalayan Water is not processed or treated at all, owing to their penchant for all things natural, they bottle it directly at the source and believe in the natural filtering processes. That water bottle you’re glugging is enriched with all manner of organic minerals - slaking your thirst, in addition to preserving your body’s natural mineral levels.

3. Perfect pH Balance Anyone?

Especially designed to be just that, Himalayan boasts of being one of the very few mineral water brands across the globe that has the pH level (acidic/basic content scale) of 7.3 closest to neutral, which seamlessly maintains just the right level of acidic content your body needs. So when you’re sipping on that delightfully cool bottle of water, you can be rest assured that your digestive system will thank you for it later!

4. In Himalayan We Trust

For those of us connoisseurs who absolutely insist on demanding, and getting the very best, safest and healthiest options when it comes down to the most essential component of our diet, would it help if we told you that Himalayan Water is the only globally-accepted brand in the country that’s been given the thumbs-up by revered US FDA, Institut De Fresenius, Health Ministry of France and The Health Ministry of Japan? We thought so! We already knew it was exclusive and the best - now you know it’s recognised by global authorities to be absolutely safe and healthy!

5. Fits Like a Glove

Ever noticed how when you pick up your bottle of Himalayan Mineral Water, it fits just perfectly into the curve of your palm? No accident, this! Ensuring pure delight with every sip you take, Himalayan has left no stone unturned to provide you with absolute comfort, and has even ergonomically designed their patented, classic, signature bottles - just for you! That’s exactly the sort of attention-to-detail you can expect from this exclusive, state-of-the-art brand which strives to ensure you Live Natural and taste the deliciousness of the Himalayas.
Happy Sipping!