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5 Things Every North Delhiite Hears That Makes Us Believe They Deserve A LEGIT Job Quota!



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There are three things that define Delhi the best - the street food (drools), Delhi Metro (super proud) and of course, the long distances (sigh)! And the moment we say long distance, we pity North Delhiites who travel all the way to Gurgaon and Noida EVERYDAY because of their jobs (grand salutes!). And because we admire their efforts and dedication towards their work, we have curated 5 things which are enough to make every North Delhiite worthy of a job quota! 

1. “Ummm, Still Working On The Fringes Of The City, Son?”

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The one question that even aunties are bored of asking, because now, even they know that the answer will be either Gurgaon or Noida. And the moment any North Delhiite tells this to their relatives, all they get to hear is, “humph, it can’t be helped, beta since all the jobs are there. Pity you guys have to travel all the way to the ends of the city!” Haven’t we heard this a 1,000 times already?

2. “Do You Consider This Place Your Home Or A Motel?”

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Literally the routine of every North Delhiite working in Gurgaon or Noida comprises waking up in the wee hours of the morning (by millennials’ standards) and barely making it home for dinner at night ‘cause the commute itself is just a little shy of 2 hours on one side (woah!), hence the 10 - 6 job becomes an 8 - 9 sorta job, meaning that they don’t even know what a 9-hour job looks like. And that’s why the only grievance that their mothers have is that they come home just to sleep!

3. “Dude, No Matter When I Call You, You’re Always In The Metro!”

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Well, we wouldn’t be surprised if your friends have saved your number as ‘Metro mein hoon yaar’ on their phones by now ‘cause for someone who spends 4 hours in the metro EVERY DAY, we’re sure that even your courier guy must have changed your delivery address to the Delhi Metro! Felt the sting, didn’t you?

4. “You Really Don’t Wanna Check Out This Cool New Place In Aerocity?”

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And weekends are officially ‘No Metro’ days for the poor souls. After practically living in the train throughout the week, they prefer to turn their backs to the Metro on the weekends even when they sleep! If there are any plans to be made with the gang, they HAVE to be someplace close to the house, because being anywhere even in the vicinity of the Metro is off limits!

5. “Do You Even Have A Life?”

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And once you start working in Gurgaon or Noida, any questions regarding how your life is, or how’s it going, has only one answer, ‘Life? What bird is that? Seems like the office is the only home I have now.’.

We know that North Delhi and Gurgaon are no less than two different states and you guys have to cross the seven seas to reach your workplace every day. We might not be able to help you out there, but we surely can ask for a job quota for you guys. Anyone listening?!

If you feel the same way, fellas, let us know in the comments section below!