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5 Self-Makeup Courses Where You'll Be Able To Master That Perfect Kim K Contour & More!

So Delhi 2 June 2019


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Hey, girlies! Are you someone who absolutely loves glamming up and wants their eyeliner on fleek at all times? Well, we’re sure like us, you also tend to mess up way too much and end up looking like a panda when all you wanted was a cat eye effect. So keeping that in mind, we’ve curated a list of all the places where you can take self-makeup courses and learn to get that perf winged eyeliner and more!

1. The Delhi School Of Make-Up

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The Delhi School Of Make-Up is known for its top-notch beauty and grooming courses with certification. If you’re on the lookout for first class coaching to help you get that perfect dewy look, this is where you should head. Their self-makeup class is for 5 days only so it’s guaranteed you’ll learn a lot and that too in a small period of time. Get registering ASAP, lasses!

Where | The Delhi School Of Make-Up - A-59, Lajpat Nagar II
Fee | Rs 15,000 (5 Days)
Call Them | +91 11 4188 1512 & +91 9911 567 020
Timings | 10 AM - 8 PM
Here’s Their Website |  
Check Out Their FB Page |

2. Aashmeen Munjaal’s STAR SALON N’ Academy

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This short yet effective personal grooming course is perfect for all you makeup enthusiasts out there. They’ll coach you on your day-to-day struggles with grooming in addition to teaching self-makeup. Apart from that, you’ll also learn demos of 5 types of different looks like evening, trendy, smokey, natural and day styles, demos of various hairstyles like open styles and updos, learn about best makeup products available in the market, saree/dress draping techniques, colour contrasting and skin care as well as hair care regime & techniques. So register quickly before the seats fill out!

Where | Aashmeen Munjaal’s STAR SALON N’ Academy - Kamla Nagar, Pusa Road, East Of Kailash & Other Outlets
Fee | Rs 20,000 (10 Days)
Call Them | +91 8010 044 044
Timings | 10 AM - 9 PM
Here’s Their Website |
Check Out Their FB Page |

3. Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy

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To get a complete tutorial of the ABC’s of makeup, Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy is where you gotta be. You’ll learn a lot of techniques in this short-term course, starting with contouring, brush application, and highlighting to the fixing of lashes and so much more. They will also help you achieve your perfect glam look with their practical teaching methods and suitable recommendations. So hurry and book your seats today!

Where | Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy - Safdarjung, Nirman Vihar & Noida
Fee | Rs 25,000 (7 Days)
Call Them | +91 9716 831 277
Timings | 10:30 AM - 8 PM
Here’s Their Website |
Check Out Their FB Page |

4. Vidya Tikari

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Vidya Tikari is one of the most well-known makeup artists in India, having done assignments for stars like Deepika Padukone and more. Her academy is well-versed with turning amateurs into professionals so if you’re someone who loves dabbling in makeup and wants to perfect the art, this is where you gotta be. You’ll be taught all there is to know about self-makeup in this course with classes of an hour and a half daily. You can either learn from a senior makeup artist or Vidya herself (at different price points) for this class!

Where | Vidya Tikari - GK I & Golf Course Road
Fee | Rs 20,000 Onwards (3 Days)
Call Them | +91 11 4163 5074
Timings | 11 AM - 7 PM
Here’s Their Website |
Check Out Their FB Page |

5. BrushUp By Vanshika

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BrushUp By Vanshika is the perfect place for you if you’re someone who prefers individual attention. Here, you will learn everything from different day & night makeup looks to skin care routines specific to your skin, hairstyling and more. The course is on an appointment basis so you can take the classes as per your convenience - how cool is that? So get booking ASAP and remember that they provide a demo class also so you can give it a try before committing to it fully!

Where | BrushUp By Vanshika - DSS06, 2nd Floor, Sector 14, Gurgaon
Fee | Rs 20,000 (5 Days)
Call Them | +91 8527 366 370
Timings | 9:30 AM - 6 PM
Here’s Their Website |
Check Out Their FB Page |

So now that you’re in on all the info, where are you registering to glam up?