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5 Reasons Why the Personal Concierge Service Called Jaadu Is Truly Magical

So Delhi 24 May 2021


Do you often dream of having a butler, a helper, a hired hand *call it whatever you want* who can run all your errands for you and do them to a T?! Well this one of a kind virtual assistant called Jaadu is all you need! A personalised concierge service, Jaadu promises to take care of all your demands - literally whatever it is that you want them to do as long as it's legit! 

Curious to know how it works? Well it's just as simple as sending a whatsapp text to +91 9818 884 394 and your wish is Jaadu’s command! 

Read on to know why you should consider them for all whims and fancies- big or small. 

1. Doorstep Delivery!

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Jaadu Inc. delivers almost everything to your doorstep as and when you require it. They have gained popularity by delivering bouquets to loved ones, cakes at midnight and being able to pick up food from your favourite restaurant straight to wherever you require it. Playing the role of a diligent butler to perfection, Jaadu is all you require when you have tons to do but don’t want to step out.

2. Always At Your Service

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Your virtual assistant can get everything done from recharging your phone to getting people to fix your air conditioners, booking movie/concert/play tickets for you, and even paying your bills on time. Jaadu holds high regard for all your wishes and can go to any extent to fulfil them which is why it even plans and organises events such as birthdays, anniversaries and other important occasions which are important to you but don’t have enough time to plan out for by yourself. 

3. Constantly Customising & Improvising According to your Needs

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Jaadu will make special amends just to make sure you have everything just how you want it! For example, one of their clients believed that a cake was too mainstream for a birthday party and asked Jaadu  to come up with an alternative. Since the birthday girl loved chicken, Jaadu got a unique cake made which was a heap of chicken wings surrounded by candles. (Birthday girl, if you're reading this, we're totally jealous!)

 4. Transport & Travel Bookings Made Easy Peasy

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Jaadu is concerned about your safety when you're coming back late at night or from places where there's a lack of any decent transportation. So, on your command, this assistant takes it upon himself to book a cab for you and takes the responsibility of you reaching home safely. Also, you can reply on Jaadu to plan your trips and book cars or transport for you.

5. And Most of All, We Love How Easy It is To Use!

The best part of their services is the convenience and ease of services which makes it a preferred choice. Classic conversations between the client and Jaadu Inc. are as follows:

This is how easily and efficiently Jaadu functions and solves all your problems! So, whenever you’re stuck in a fix, keep calm and Jaadu on!

Whatsapp Them here | +91 9818 884 394
Send a Message on Their Fb Page | 
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