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5 Places Serving Delish Aloo Tikki, Chowmein, Momos & More, All Under Rs 100 In Mukherjee Nagar!


We set out on a mission to hunt down some of the tastiest and yummiest food stalls which are delicious on the palate, and light on the pocket. Here’re five food stalls in and near Mukherjee Nagar that offer some of the most mouth watering chatpata items under Rs 100! 

1. Delhi Ki Mash-Hoor Chowmein

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This small thela has a concise menu that can fit your taste, as well as your pocket, very easily. It offers various varieties of chowmein such as, Butter Chowmein, Paneer Chowmein, Chap Fry and others. We decided to go for Singapuri Chowmein. The noodles were cooked to perfection. Topped with freshly sliced onions, the dish were extremely tasty. On the side, tangy tomato sauce was offered to enhance the taste. Chunks of soybean were a delight. Sliced capsicum was crunchy and sweet to taste. The noodles were just about the perfect snack. Of course, you can ask the owner to adjust the spice according to your taste!

Price | Rs 60
Where | Delhi Ki Mash-Hoor Chowmein - Opp. Pure Basket Supermarket, Bhai Parmanand Colony
Call Them | +91 9899 321 956
Timings | 5 - 10 PM (All Days)

2. Delhi Chat Bhandar

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Perhaps one of the least noticeable thelas on the busy red light of West Mukherjee Nagar, this stall offers a six item menu with great quality of food. We decided to go for aloo tikki,  and boy, was it savoury! The moment we bit into it, we tasted all the flavours, at once. The two sauces and yogurt, mixed with mashed potato tikkis and onions, melted into our mouths into deliciousness. The ingredients were fresh and the sauces added to the overall flavour. Try it out for yourself, and you’ll be thanking us later!  

Price | Rs 25
Where | Delhi Chat Bhandar - Opp. Country Fitness Gym, Dhaka Village
Timings | 4 - 10 PM (All Days)

3. Harprasad Chat Bhandar

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This nomad stall offers fresh and scrumptious street food. We asked for a plate of Bhalla Papri, and it was one of the best decisions we had made for the day. Crunchy papris and juicy bhallas were drenched in yogurt, tamarind and pudina sauce. Mixed with diced potatoes and boiled cholas, topped with sliced carrots, beetroot and sprinkled with chat masala, this dish is perfect for an evening snack. It tasted fresh and flavoursome. The taste were very mellow, blended perfectly and had our heart with the very first bite! 

Price | Rs 35
Where | Harprasad Chat Bhandar - Near Jawed Habib Hair Salon, Bhai Parmanand Colony
Call Them | +91 9718 275 924
Timings | 5 - 11 PM (All Days)

4. Sanjay Chole Bhature

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Sanjay Chhole Bhature is a small shop located at a corner, and has a seating for 10-12 people, with ease. The place offers a plateful of chole bhature at minimal cost and Khullad lassi to quench your summer thirst. We sat down for the order, and our palate thanked us the moment we took our first bite. The fluffy bhaturas were soft, almost like cotton and extremely chewy. With chopped salad and acchar on the side, the chole had an entirely different taste to it. They were cooked to perfection and the masalas were blended beautifully. The coarse black pepper gave it an edge. Drooling already?  So, we’ll see you there?

Price | Rs 45
Where | Sanjay Chole Bhature - Near Stylo Wear, Shop No. 1, House No. 3, Bhai Parmanand Colony
Timings | 7:30 AM -  4 PM (All Days)

5. Manisha Special Chinese Momos

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This small momos point houses some of the most consumed items since it’s usually seen wrapping up within 4 hours of its opening. The menu has over 8-9 items, offering steamed and fried items. We decided to try their Paneer Steamed Momos for the time being. The soft dimsums were filled with grated cabbage and paneer & came  served with mayo, as well as,  tomato sauce. If you’re a true momos lover, you have to try their steamed momos before you die! The contents tasted fresh and were piping hot, as we bit into them. The stall also offers Spring Roll and Chicken Roll, if you’re still hungry!

Price | Rs 30
Where | Manisha Special Chinese Momos - Near Mother Dairy Shop, 560, Ramlal Kapoor Marg
Timings | 6:30 - 9:30 PM (All Days)

Here we have, five go-to stalls that fit your pocket, because we understand how important food is and how difficult it is to fit it in your budget. They offer great quality food that’ll have you coming back for more. So don’t forget to check these places out with your friends!