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5 Hits & Misses We Sampled At Jasola's Resident Food Truck Called Thikana


With an exponential rise in corporate houses, Jasola is slowly but steadily on its way to becoming quite the thriving hub. The best part about this gradual change is the yummy food that comes along with it. In the middle of Jasola’s high reaching corporate towers, you’ll find a cute yellow food truck called Thikana. On a mission to find out what the fuss was about, we laced our sneakers and headed over, ready for a food binge, and here’s our opinion - no holds barred!

1. Chicken & Corn Sandwich

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We ordered up a relatively safe dish - their Chicken & Corn Sandwich. The dish had generous proportions and we loved the huge bread slices and the creamy filling. It consisted of mayonnaise-smeared chicken and corn filling. We enjoyed the extra veggies in the dish, but the bread was tough to bite into. All in all, we felt the sandwich was an average appetiser.

2. Gravy Chicken Momos

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The one thing all Delhiites have in common is our undying love for momos. We next dug our forks into a plate of steaming Gravy Chicken Momos. The dumplings were served in a thick gravy, which reminded us of the Manchurian gravy typical of the desi Chinese cuisine found in all corners of the city. The momos themselves were well made, and the chicken was well cooked. We liked that the momos were fried and remained crispy as we ate them. However, we felt the gravy could have been better.

3. Crunchy Chicken Burger

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Wanting a bite of a juicy and satisfying burger, our next order was their Crunchy Chicken Burger. The burger came served on a small plate with some ketchup, perfect for a quick bite on the go. The dish itself was assembled with some veggies, the omnipresent mayo, a tangy sauce and the chicken patty stuffed between the burger buns.

But, the proportions of the dish were disappointing for us and the burger itself was quite small and the buns seemed dry and crumbly. The taste, on the other hand, was average at best, with some tanginess from the sauces. Finally, while the burger is called the ‘Crunchy Chicken Burger’, there was no element in the dish that made it crunchy and this was a major let down for us!

4. Chilli Chicken Roll

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Just like we predicted, the dish was super easy to eat on-the-go and was served wrapped up in aluminium foil, for you to munch on as you work. The roll itself consisted of a thin wrap which was filled with some chilli chicken. We enjoyed the wrap because the roll was delicate and the dough was rolled and cooked well.

However, the Chilli Chicken filling did not stand out as the star in the dish. There was an overwhelming presence of onions throughout the dish, which made it difficult for us to taste the chicken. However, if you’re a die-hard fan of rolls, give this a try!

5. Maggi Parantha

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The final dish we decided to try at Thikana was their Maggi Parantha, which sounded pretty quirky and offbeat. The parantha was cut into quarters, making it super easy to eat (kudos to Thikana on this).

However, the parantha tasted the same as any regular joe plain paratha and we could hardly find ANY Maggi in it! The taste of our forever favourite Maggi was negligible, and that ruined the essence of the dish for us.

All in all, we’d say that if you want a quick bite after work and don’t want to stray too far to get it, Thikana is the place you go to. Let’s hope that they improve the flavour and quantity of their offerings!

Where | Thikana - Near DLF Tower B, Jasola Vihar, Jasola
Meal For Two | Rs 250
Call Them | +91 7777 025 024
Here’s Their FB Page |