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Most Hilariously Relatable Thoughts WE BET Every Woman Had While Travelling In The Delhi Metro!


What's up, everybody? Y'all know that life in the metro is pretty hectic and we're talking about both the city & the trains. Speaking of our saviour AKA the Delhi Metro, everyone in the coach, at the station or even while descending the staircase has myriad of thoughts running through their heads, especially about the impending journey. So here's a little peek into what thought every lass must’ve had at least once while riding the metro. Give them a read to see how many you relate to!

1. To Take The General Coach Or Ladies-Only?

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Picture Credits: by_gautam

Okay, so the first one on the list had to be about those trying times when a woman has to make the tough choice of either boarding the general coach or taking the ladies-only one. And boy, is it confusing? On one hand, you have the leisure of sniffing fragrant perfumes & shampoos but that’ll cost you a little walk towards the nearest escalator. While on the other hand, you could just get on the general coach, all the while averting awkward eye contacts (read creepy) and save yourselves from all the unnecessary walking. It's not a win-win situation, that’s for sure!

2. They’re Holding Their Phone Weirdly, Is This Person Snapping A Pic?!

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If there’s one thing that a woman has mastered, it’s her sixth sense. No, seriously, we can make out if someone has their gaze set on us with our eyes closed! But sometimes it leads to a little overthinking (only sometimes!) and so while travelling in the Delhi metro, our ALERT levels are ALWAYS at their peak. It can be pretty nerve-racking when you’ve gotta travel with a bunch of strangers but imagine someone holding their phone in such a way, that it looks like they might just be snapping a pic! Now, that’s what we call dodging the creepiness.

3. I Boarded The General Coach, Now Will Have To Dodge People All The Way To Ladies-Only!

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Picture Credits: David Furka

Let’s admit it, we have all been guilty of doing this at least ONCE. And for those of you who don’t get it, allow us to simplify it for you. Sometimes, it so happens, that when in a hurry to make it to the train station at the platform, you end up boarding one of the general coaches. Now, that’s when the whole ‘WALK’ starts when you jump coaches to the first bogie of the train by dodging people deftly, muttering curses under your breath and incessantly apologizing for stepping on people’s feet or bags!  

4. Should I Let That Guy Know He’s Sitting On A Bench Reserved For Women?

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Picture Credits: anims_capture

We’re pretty sure that you must be familiar with this particular point. After all, there are a lot of times in a crowded metro (maybe even an empty one), you find men sitting on seats reserved for ladies or even senior citizens (but mostly ladies)! And then you fall into the mortal dilemma of whether you should let them know about this and partake in the inevitable argument or just let it slide, ‘cause ek station ki hi toh baat hai!

5. Oh, Well! Didn’t Find A Seat (Again) But At Least I Found Some Awesome #OOTD Ideas!

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Picture Credits: delhimetrofashion

Oh No There’s No Seats Again But A few OOTD Ideas To Check Out!

It’s no secret that unless you’re boarding from the station of origin, there’s slim to no chance that you’ll find a seat on the train, oftentimes, not even then! People actually count their stars on those miraculous days when they somehow manage to squish between two passengers to make space for themselves. Well, how successful we are in that endeavour, depends but what we women never fail to find is fashion inspiration. From pretty tops to cute juttis or even snazzy jewellery, it’s a full-fledged Fashion Week going on over here, folks and we’re definitely digging it! 

So there it is folks, our list. What more things can you think of?