If you love the thrill of haunted experiences (or the thrill of getting out of them), or if you just want to go out for an adventure-ful day and try something out of the box, we recommend you and your gang to try out a haunted theme game experience! 

You may get scared out of your wits, but unravelling intriguing mysteries in a haunted room room totally sounds like something we’d choose over going out just to eat anyday! Experience the adrenaline rush, test your reflexes, and brave through these spine chilling mysteries!

1. Haunted Hostel @ The Hidden Hour 

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Locked inside an infamous hostel known for paranormal activities, you hear someone call your name, and enter room No. 404. If stories are to be believed, this is the room where a student committed suicide three years back, and something strange goes on here. 

This is the set up for The Hidden Hour’s escape mission in Delhi, where you have 60 minutes to discover what happened and make your escape out of a room filled with weird lights, sounds, and bone chilling experiences! With a success rate of 25%, this mission is a must-visit for a thrilling and unforgettably haunting day out! 

Entry | Rs 1,600 (For Two) 
Location | E-29, Basement, Block E, Hauz Khas Main Market
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/Thehiddenhourdelhi/
Book Your Challenge Here | http://www.thehiddenhour.com/

2. Cabin In The Woods @ Mystery Rooms

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We all know Mystery Rooms bring us the best of escape experiences and thrilling mysteries. And we must say that adding the element of horror to it has made their games so much more awesome! 

Their terrifying escape game - Cabin in the Woods - requires players to unravel the mystery behind the secret killings in the village, by entering the cursed woods. “Is it the ferocious beast, the witch or something else? Beware, no one returns from this atrocious place!” The description on their website already has us raring to go there and solve this unnerving mystery, which incidentally has a success rate of just 10%! 

Entry | Rs 1600 Onwards (For Two)
Location | K-3/106, Dakshin Marg, DLF Phase II, Gurgaon 
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/mysteryrooms.gurgaon/ 
Book Your Challenge Here | http://www.mysteryrooms.in/

3. The Curse Of The Mummy @ Goosebumps

The identity of a pharaoh in a pyramid is still unknown - and they say it’s an ancient curse come back to life. No one who has entered the pyramid has been seen again! In this terrifying escape room, you have 60 minutes to discover the inner tomb *nice*. 

Explore the chamber of the dead, find the missing pieces, wrack your brains (and your nerves), and have a thrilling experience at Goosebumps finding the identity of the pharaoh! We don’t think adventure lovers have a better place to go for such a spooky experience!   

Entry | Rs 600 Onwards (Per Person)
Location | C-705, 1st Floor Palam Extension, Sector 7, Dwarka
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/INGoosebumps/
Book Your Challenge Here | http://www.goosebumpsindia.com/

4. The Taken Souls @ Escape Rooms

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Do you have what it takes to escape from the pirates? Or would you rather be left as a slave for the rest of eternity? The spooky Escape Rooms in GGN offer an adventure of a lifetime, filled with the best of terrifying, haunted effects and intriguing mysteries that’ll make you and your friends channel your inner detective. Crack the clues, solve the puzzles and brave the eerie vibe to escape the locked place! 

In this ride-of-your-life kinda game, you’ve been held on the ship of the dead. Can you free your soul before the pirates wake up? Book your spots and save the dates with your gang to find out! 

Entry | Rs 1600 (For Two)
Location | SCO 309, Sector 29, Gurgaon
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/Escaperooms.delhi/
Book Your Challenge Here | http://www.escaperoomsindia.com/

5. The Final Hour @ CodeBreak60

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What if you get the chance to put a dent in Death's sadistic plan? What if you're able to not just save a few souls, but actually prevent an accident from happening? You have 60 minutes to change your destiny and cheat death here at CodeBreak 60! 
Remember, the only way to survive is to look beneath the visible world, beyond what is obvious, to solve the clues that will lead you to escaping death's plan. Have you ever even read something this thrilling? Just the description has sent chills down our spine! 

Entry | Rs 1,600 (For Two) 
Location | D- 150, Kamla Nagar 
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/codebreak60/?ref=br_rs
Book Your Challenge Here | http://codebreak60.com/

If you think sitting through The Conjuring makes you brave, you have to take on these haunted adventures in town, which’ll make you realize what ‘spooky’ really means!