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6 Dishes Like Sandwich Chicken Supreme Wafl & Hong Kong Chocowafl You Gotta Try @ WAFL



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If you love your waffles, like we do, then WAFL has to be your one-stop-destination for a plate-full of crispy, chocolate-y, Nutella loaded waffles and our new-found love - bubble waffles. But if you have ever been to this place, you’d know that there’s more to WAFL than just waffles. And for you all, we have handpicked 6 mouth-watering dishes that you NEED to try at this place right away!

1. Belgian Nutella Wafl

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We’ll start with what we love the most here - Belgian Nutella Wafl. We mean Nutella and waffle, isn’t this like a match made in heaven?! This perfectly baked dish comes topped with oodles of Nutella, chocochips, nuts and ice cream and trust us, you’re gonna love it! Easy on the pocket and extremely yummy, these waffles are a delight for everyone with a sweet tooth!  

Price | Rs 120 Onwards

2. Corn Dog Chicken Seekh Kebab

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If you thought that this place is all about sweet delicacies, then we say you come over and check out their menu ‘cause WAFL has a dish called Corn Dog Chicken Seekh Kebab which is all things yummy! Served on a stick, this unique dish is crunchy from the outside and soft, flavourful and loaded with chicken stuffing on the inside. They serve 4 pieces of corn dogs in one plate, so come drop by and dig in!

Price | Rs 180

3. Sandwich Chicken Supremé

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And here’s another gem from their savoury menu, the Sandwich Chicken Supremé. This one’s a personal favourite ‘cause of the amazing combination of perfectly cooked sausages, tomatoes, cucumber, onions coupled with sweet onion sauce, pepper, herbs, chilli cheese and loads of mayo! The best part - they top it all with delicious cheese slices - now how can one resist this?

Price | Rs 180

4. Hong Kong Chocowafl

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The cutesy Hong Kong Chocowafl is actually a bubble waffle that’s stuffed with scoops of strawberry and chocochip ice cream, Oreo cookies, chocochips and loads of Cadbury Gems to add to the prettiness and flavour of the waffle. The serving is generous enough to satiate your bhukkad souls. Don’t forget to take a few quick pictures for your Insta feed to make all your friends jealous!  

Price | Rs 200

5. Oreo Shake

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How can we possibly say no to a chilled glass of Oreos-loaded shake?! A perfect concoction of Oreo cookies, chocolate AND vanilla ice cream blended together to give you a frothy glass of cold milk shake is what describes their Oreo Shake best, so make sure you order this one the next time you drop by WAFL.

Price | Rs 150

6. Out Of The Blue Summer Cooler

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What’s better than a summer cooler to beat the heat, right? And this Out Of The Blue Summer Cooler is all things tasty. This pretty blue drink is loaded with tons of ice and a strong blueberry flavour that makes it refreshing and super yum!

Price | Rs 100

Before you scamper over - we have something very special for you - these guys are giving 10% off on your bill (amounting to Rs 250 or more) when you use the code ‘SoDelhi10’ till 15th July!

So, head over to your nearest WAFL outlet now and binge on all these yummy dishes RN!

Where | WAFL - SDA, GK1, Punjabi Bagh & Other Outlets
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