If you though CP is all about high-end restaurants and cafes then you have missed out on the real thing buddy! But better late than never, right? To give you the real taste of CP, we headed to - Baba Ka Dhaba, a 30 year old dhaba on the Jantar Mantar road that serves simple but absolutely delicious North Indian dishes. 

Quite popular amongst the foodies, this dhaba doesn’t have the same hustle bustle that you usually see in CP and the roads are traffic free! So here’re 4 dishes that we devoured at this place, check it out. 

1. Dahi Bhalla

We HAD to kickstart our eating spree here with this one. The Dahi Bhallas here are just ah-mazing and one of the best we ever had! They were so soft that they melted in our mouths *yum, yum*. With the right amount of dahi and chutneys, this dish is a must try here! 

Price | Rs 60

2. Makki Ki Roti With Sarson Ka Saag

This place is just perfect if you’re looking for some scrumptious North Indian indulgence! Next we ordered in the mouth-watering Makki ki Roti with Sarson ka Saag and trust us peeps, it was the best decision ever! This dish is served with boondi ka raita,green chutney and chole curry and we’re definitely in love with it. 

Price | Rs 80

3. Rajma Chawal

Next in store for us was Delhiwalo ke all time favourite Rajma Chawal! Served with boondi raita, green chutney, onions and a mirch ka achar, the Rajma Chawal here were simply delicious. You’d be reminded of ghar ka khana from the very first bite, so order this one up and you’d not be dissapointed. 

Price | Rs 70

4. Kadhi Chawal

We really couldn’t leave this place without trying out their scrummy Kadhi Chawal! This dish comes with dahi bhalle, chutney and salad and we were awestruck with the quantity these guys serve. So don’t forget to order this one up peeps!  

Price | Rs 70 

5. Gulab Jamuns

No meal is ever complete without some delicious desserts and that’s why we saved their Gulab Jamuns for last! Each plate comes with 2 sweet and juicy gulab jamuns and we could have hogged more had we not been full already. 

Price | Rs 40 (2 Pieces)

There isn’t any seating arrangements here, so you’d probably have to sit and have your food in your car but trust us, you’re gonna love it! So if you're visiting Jantar Mantar do not forget to lunch here in this calm and serene atmosphere *happy sigh*. 

Location | Baba Ka Dhaba - N.D.M.C Stall no.2, Jantar Mantar Road