If there’s one thing we Delhiites love to do then it has to be eating *wide grins*! And while we love our swanky and fancy cafes, there’s something about those li’l eateries that win our hearts with their yummy food. And on our hunt for such places, we stumbled upon a small shop in Noida called Street Treat.   

It took us a lot of efforts and time to reach there. With an open-air seating under a fairy light embedded tree, this place is perfect for date out with bae when you’re low on cash! One look at the menu will tell you that although the menu isn’t that elaborate but it has some really interesting options for you to choose from. Check out these 5 dishes we tried there.

1. Crispy Chicken Burger

If we had to sum up this burger in 1 line, then we’d simply say that it was an absolute delight! The scrummy Crispy Chicken Burger was packed with a crispy, juicy chicken patty and the flavours were enough to make us fall in love with this burger. The finely chopped veggies along with the subtle taste of BBQ sauce and mayo on the perfectly grilled buns were just amazing! 

Price | Rs 110

2. Masala Fries 

With chopped tomato, onion and coriander with slight masala drizzled over them, the fries here were just yummylicious! We have personally never tried such a combination of fries and chopped veggies. Golden yellow, crispy, thin and properly seasoned, the fries were spicy and we totally loved them! These were the best plated Masala fries we have had since long. 

Price | Rs 70

3. Hot Wings

We couldn’t wait to try the Hot Wings here! But as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. This dish looked amazing but all it took us was one bite to realize that it was just okay. The wings were perfectly cooked as they came apart instantly and melted in the mouth. However, it lacked a decent preparation and flavours. So, we’d say, give this one a miss! 

Price | Rs 70

4. Crispy Veg (Korean Sauce) Hot Dog

Going for a little different variation of a hot dog, we tried this Crisp Veg Hot Dog. This dish comes loaded with crispy veggies that have been perfectly tossed in yummy Korean sauce. Prepared with soybean paste, maple syrup and pistachio nuts, the Korean sauce is a savoury and sweet BBQ sauce that was prominently used in this dish. This sauce, however, was on a sweeter side which overwhelmed the other flavours for us.  

Price | Rs 80

5. Mac & Cheese Savoury Waffle

This one was a real surprise! Street Treat transformed the good old Mac & Cheese into this amazing looking dish! As soon as it was served, it managed to make us go all “ooh” and “aah”, it looked that pretty. The green cone, filled with mac and cheese contrasted strikingly. This mac & cheese loaded in green cone tasted just perfect. The gooey-cheesy inside with the contrasting, crunchy cone was just what we needed to finish off our meal! 

Price | Rs 80

Yummy food at pocket-friendly prices, could we have asked for more?! So head here with your buddies and try out all their scrumptious food and let us know how they tasted!!

Where | Shop A-1, Sector 46, Noida
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/StreetTreatDelhi/