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5 Cities, 15 Foodie Pitstops & A Whole Truckload of Fun: Brilliant Food Walk By Sensodyne!

So Delhi 8 Dec 2016


Sipping your coffee, putting off going back to work and scrolling through your phone looking for some inspiration? Have we ever disappointed you? Nope! This time around, we're here to tease your taste buds, grab all of your attention and take you on a foodie journey you've never been on before. Let's dive in then, shall we? 

So there we were, puttering around the office just doing our thing - our thing, of course, being to scour the city for the most happening dos, comb through the best fashionista finds and looking for the best restaurants you can spend your weekends at. And lo and behold, in comes a chattering team with a shiny new idea for a food walk. Cupping our coffee mugs, we moved in closer, eager to be enthralled. And enthralled we were! 

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The team was from Sensodyne, and the theme was - helping bring to the fore the issue of tooth sensitivity and making people relish their food exactly like they should! Like when you're craving, with all your might, an ice-lolly to help you through the heat, and the moment you bite into it you get that godawful sharp sensation in your teeth? Well that's tooth sensitivity 101, and that's exactly what these guys want to combat!

So the idea was that select tooth sensitivity sufferers, who had been using Sensodyne for a number of months, would actually get to go out there - hopping from place to place sampling all their favorite dishes without any pain (at all)! Now multiply that by 5 cities all over India and you've got a fun fiesta! And this is exactly what happened. Our team of busy bees then reached out to fellow bloggers who then shared with us their own favorite places in their cities to gobble up delish dishes that dredge up sweet memories of their lives. 

The result - 5 cities - Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai, 3 locations in each city and oodles of fun. Hop on and we'll take you for the foodie ride of your life - scroll away!


Our heart, our home and our city. So how do you come up with the best and most cherished places in a city crammed full of eateries? Simple - you just go with your all-time favorites! Chaayos - when millions of people start their day with a cup of hot tea which genuine sensitivity sufferers shudder to drink off when it's piping hot, this place could surely not have been missed and was our very first stop in the Boho and #SoDelhi hub of HKV. Gathering happy and sensitivity-free smiles here, we then skipped over to OTB for delicious chocolate brownies and scoops of ice-cold vanilla ice cream and then onto HKV's Imperfecto -  a place with probably the most perfect decor and a perfect summer cooler Aam Panna served rightly enough to remind you of your childhood memories and the dreaded summer heat of Delhi. Having thoroughly squeezed every last bit of fun on our Delhi leg, we now regale you with the next leg of our foodie escapade - Kolkata!


Coming to the land of puchkas, a land of cricket and basically just great food all over, we had a hard time picking just 3 places to gorge away at! First stop was, of course, the most famous eatery Flury's, known for its breakfast and the real experience of the European tea room of the 1920s! We just had to try their Flury's Sundae here, chock full of delicious, creamy and super-chilled ice cream, which our gang could now #EnjoyLikeYouShould - licked up when it's ice-cold! Other stops included Kolkata's beautiful Cha Bar and Bodega Cantina Y Bar, a place known for its amazing slushees and Margaritas! Cheers to that!


The city that gave us Bollywood! Our food walk in aamchi Mumbai happened in the happening SoBo area. The first place we stopped by here was Natural's! So our beloved Natural's actually started off with a flagship store in Mumbai first, and is now country-wide famous. We licked away to glory scoops upon scoops of their Sitafal ice cream. Feeling the need to warm ourselves up some, we went and sipped away at the Hot Chocolate at Le 15 Cafe, which conjured up memories of warm cups in cold winter days when we'd happily drink up this concoction watching cartoons. And the best bit - we drank it steaming hot and bid tooth sensitivity goodbye! We then moved onto Indigo, where we tipped back delish slushees, wrapping up our awesome Mumbai stop of the Food Walk. Read on!


For the uninitiated, Chennai houses the Marina Beach, one of the longest beaches of Asia. Nice! We dropped by the buzzing area of Besant Nagar for this leg of the Food Walk. Since we went right down to South India, we could hardly go through without downing steaming cupfuls of filter coffee now, could we? So for our filter coffee, we went by the one of the most-talked about places here, The Brew Room and simply wallowed in our strong cups of java! Next up we had a bird's eye view of the entire Eliot Beach at Hola Cafe whilst sipping a lil something called the Curry Leaf Mojito and then ended up at Brick House Bistro. Reluctantly bidding beautiful Chennai goodbye, we then leapfrogged to our next destination!


This place don't need no intro now, does it? The land of Nawabs and more importantly, biryani, we next touched down at Hyderabad! We went by Banjara Hills, the erstwhile hunting ground for the Nawabs of yore, and skipped our way to Eclaire Cafe, where we downed unending cups of freshly-brewed tea, whetting our appetite for the next stop - Gallery Cafe. Now Gallery Cafe is very appropriately named - it's a really pretty gallery-cum-cafe where we downed their patent Summer Coolers. Wrapping up our sojourn, we rendezvoused at Exotica, a rooftop restaurant for some sweet-tooth loving, and gobbled up their chilly Rabri Kulfi. Tipping our hats to Hyderabad for being such an awesome host!

In the end, we happily but reluctantly bid these fabulous cities goodbye, parted with newly-made friends, a renewed fervour for experiencing our food just the way it should be and leaving off with memories of the foodie fiesta of our lives! Signing off with hashtags to live by - #EnjoyLikeYouShould & #WakeUpToToothSensitivity - happy foodie-ing everyone!