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9 Breathtakingly Gorgeous Destinations Across India That Are Perfect For Slow Travel!

Ishita Sahni 11 Apr 2023


For the unconventional and true wanderlust, travelling isn’t only about collecting likes, documenting their entire journey or keeping up with the latest trends. It's about experiencing the spectacular places as a local, developing a connection, and immersing ourselves in the native food, music, culture and lifestyle. Fast and furious travel might sound enticing, but trust us slow travel is what a true travel junkie desires! So, for a more authentic quality-over-quantity experience, read on!

1. Alleppey In Kerala

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Picture Credits: Balu Krishna

A maze of tranquil lagoons, canals and lakes where you can hire a boat and simultaneously enjoy the local life and the flora and fauna is every hodophile’s dream! The mystical energy of Alleppey will envelop you with its golden sunsets, laid-back life and gleaming backwaters. Looking for a place to snuggle and make it your own. Alleppey is the defo choice!

Distance From Delhi | 2,739 Kms

2. Majuli Island In Assam

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Picture Credits: theskybluebubblegum

Majuli Island, an off-centre and unchartered territory is the largest river island in the world (Wowza!). Steeped in the Brahmaputra River, it's an exquisite secluded location where you wanna leave the humdrum of city life behind, rent a bamboo hut, hire a bicycle, strike a conversation with a local and let things happen on their own! A place that will make you overcome your language barriers, learn a new skill and submerge yourself in the local culture as you relish the Slow Travel movement. Uncover the beauty of spur-of-the-moment decisions!

Distance From Delhi | 2,238 Kms

3. Shillong In Meghalaya

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Picture Credits: andypariat

‘The abode of clouds,’ breathtaking northeastern hill station Meghalaya, more often than not is compared to Vietnam for its subtropical forests, biodiversity, lush greenery, infamous waterfalls and scenic beauty. The ‘Scotland of the East’ proclaimed capital, Shillong is chic, gorgeous and serene. You can plan a month-long trip to this little haven and go on day trips to anywhere across Meghalaya as well as do endless activities and sightseeing in Shillong itself!  So, go get your plans in order, peeps!

Distance From Delhi | 1,971 Kms

4. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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Picture Credits: tropicglobal

Scattered like an unsolved puzzle there is so much to do here folks, it's unbelievable! We are not even kidding you guys! From the fabled Port Blair to the Havelock island - the Elephant Beach, from the picturesque Mount Harriet National Park to the nifty Limestone Cave, from the dazzling Natural Coral Bridge to the glorious watersport activities, it has it all and so much more! We suggest booking your tickets and packing your bags for a long, long vacay to explore it all! Be ready to be captivated and amazed, y’all!

Distance From Delhi | 2,481 Kms

5. Pondicherry In Southeast India

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Picture Credits: Abhishek Sharma

The beachside town of Pondicherry is a destination that you cannot miss oh-venturer! Retaining its French legacy with tree-lined streets and mustard-coloured colonial boutiques with a serene and spiritual vibe, along with its various beaches, lakes and the Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry has blown thousand of tourists away and will make your travel an iconic and soul-satisfying experience as you take your time to soak it all in! Make your travel itinerary and we’re sure you’re gonna have the time of your lives. 

Distance From Delhi | 2,370 Kms

6. Thachi Valley In Himachal Pradesh

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Real travel addicts visit not only the popular destinations, but also find out the hidden and lesser-known gems of nature, and savour the true delight that mountains have to offer. Thachi Valley is one such lesser-known destination and is ideal for people who wanna spend quaint ‘me time’ in the hills. Y’all can go on multiple treks here and stay in small villages, and everywhere you’ll witness mind-boggling views!

Distance From Delhi | 497 Kms (Approx)

7. Spiti Valley In Himachal Pradesh

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Picture Credits: himachali_walker

If tranquillity were a place, it would defo be Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Spiti Valley has been sitting on our bucket list for way too long, and this peaceful gift of nature has many places worth seeing at least once. So, get ready to spend a beautiful night under a gazillion stars, be stupefied by the breathtaking views, and breathe in a breath of chilled Himachali air soon! 

Distance From Delhi | 714 Kms (Approx)

8. Jaisalmer In Rajasthan

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Picture Credits: dikshitmundra

This beautiful town located in the Thar Desert is ideal for slow travel. You can stay in the luxurious camps in the desert itself, and trust us, there’s nothing more serene than your feet dipping into the soft desert sand! Looking at this sea of sand as far as our vision allows is a feeling of immense pleasure, and a night stargazing in the clear sky of this desert is also magical! If you haven’t been to Jaisalmer yet, head on over! 

Distance From Delhi | 795 Kms (Approx)

9. Chikmagalur In Karnataka

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Picture Credits: drrajithml

Waterfalls, high peaks, national parks & sanctuaries, and obviously, coffee plantations, make Chikmagalur in Karnataka a must-visit place. All its attractions aside, being in the lap of pristine & untouched nature at Chikmaglur is surely a divine experience. You can savour slowly all the pleasant and natural attractions of life, and have a rejuvenating time!

Distance From Delhi | 2,556 Kms

So, fellow traveller, defo check these places out if you are seriously considering giving slow travel a chance! We promise you will fall head over heels in love with this long-established approach as well as these dreamy Indian destinations!